The Unit

The W.J.Boyd Knights of Columbus Council # 326 Newsletter              February 2008

Officers:   Grand Knight:                    Christopher Farley                                                   116 Lake Ave. Suite 2A                

                 Deputy Grand Knight:       Robert Treacy                                                          Yonkers, N.Y. 10703

                 Financial Secretary:           Carmine Tabacco, P.G.K.                                        (914) 377-1492

                 Treasurer:                          Richard Condon, P.G.K.




Membership Meeting:               Last Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM.


In Prayerful Remembrance of the Faithful Departed

Eugene Gallen, brother-in-law of William Burns


A Message from the Grand Knight

            As I compose this message, I am struck by the number of exciting times and unprecedented events that our Council has been privileged to experience.  The evening of Sunday, February 3rd was certainly a memorable one.  Whether or not you joined us for the Super Bowl, the Big Blue victory was one that will not soon be forgotten.  Boyd has hosted quite a few Super Bowl affairs, but never before has one ended in a world championship for the New York Giants.  The jovial atmosphere, due in no small part to the events on the field, nonetheless exemplified the fraternalism around which we build our organization.  It was a night I will never forget.
            On the morning of Super Bowl Sunday, a contingent of fifteen represented our Council at a different mid-winter ritual.  The Annual Charity Drive Kick-off Communion Breakfast at Calvary Hospital is an important and moving event.  I urge you to purchase tickets and partake in this worthwhile endeavor.  The Charity Drive is truly a manifestation of what the Knights of Columbus is and will be.
            Not one of Boyd's venerable historians has any recollection of our Council's participation in a St. Patrick's Day parade of any kind.  Sunday, March 2nd, then, gives each of us a chance to take part in a historic event.  This is the day that W.J. Boyd will march for the first time ever in the Yonkers St. Patrick's Day Parade.  It should be a great experience and presents a perfect opportunity to present ourselves to the community.  I hope to see you there.

                                                                                                                                    Christopher C. Farley

Boyd On The March

            The Council will join the Long Green Line by marching in the Yonkers St. Patrick’s Day Parade on this Sunday, March 2nd.  The parade kicks off on South Broadway at 12:30 PM.  Yonkers officials will advise us on February 28th as to both our starting time and meeting place.   You can get this information by contacting Grand Knight Chris McFarley at (914) 844-7432.  Please take advantage of this rare opportunity to march proudly behind the banner of our Council.  All members and their families are not only welcome, they are needed.  Support your Council!


The Ides of Boyd

            Boyd will be bathed in green as it hosts its Annual Saint Patrick’s Day Party on Saturday evening March 15th.  Doors open at 7 PM and rest assured there will be no shortage of Irish music, corned beef, or ice cold refreshments.  To assist Committee Chairman J. J. Jordan with planning the evening, please leave word at the Council if you plan to attend.  

Super Showdown

            As alluded to in the Grand Knight’s message, the Council was host the first Sunday in February to what was likely the most memorable Super Bowl party in its history.  The standing room only crowd, which included the star of a Super Bowl commercial, was treated to a riveting contest highlighted by the underdog hometown Giants bringing home a crown at the expense of the heretofore undefeated Patriots.  Thank you to all the members whose unsung efforts made such a joyous gathering possible.


March Moolah

            Boxes for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Final are now on sale.  Boxes cost $25 each, and $2000 in prizes will be awarded.  Entering the pool not only serves to support the Council, it could also serve to fatten your wallet.  Super Bowl box winners Brian Powers and Jim Jones can certainly attest to that.  Boxes may be purchased through the mail or by phone, and individual numbers may be ascertained by stopping in to the Council on Final Four day April 5th or by phone on that same day.


Free Throw Fever

            Many thanks to Free Throw Chairman Bob Ellis for yet another superlative effort organizing the Annual W.J. Boyd Youth Free Throw Shooting Contest at the St. Barnabas Gym.  Not only did this endeavor raise a substantial amount of money and food for a local charitable organization, but Bob further advises that as of this writing five of the ten Boyd shooters are still alive in the statewide competition that will culminate at West Point.  More information will follow as it becomes available.  Once again, thanks to Bob and all those who assisted him in this very worthy undertaking.


But For the Grace

            As most of the membership are aware, Calvary Hospital is a longtime recipient of charitable contributions from the New York Chapter of the Knights of Columbus.  In his communication, the Grand Knight mentioned Council attendance at the Calvary Communion Breakfast earlier this month.  It was indeed a fulfilling and worthwhile event.  Calvary’s mission is to provide both comfort and dignity to the terminally ill.  It is a task many of us prefer not to think about, much less perform.  Fill out the enclosed chance book, enclose a ten dollar check made out to the Council, drop it in a mailbox, and say a fervent prayer that you or your loved ones will never need the assistance of this very special institution.


Daze and Knights

            All members in general, and all former softball players in particular, welcome to Final Four Party on April 5th at Council…On April 24th Boyd Council turns 110.  On May 24th Boyd’s pitching staff turns 115…Boyd On The Run Department: Matty Ernau back from Central American getaway, the O’Briens back from Florida, Irene Gilmore back from visiting mom in County Mayo, Julie Conroy prepping for Parisian trip, Brian Farley set to visit sister Nancy in Madrid, Kate Maher eagerly anticipating academic trip to Costa Rica, and the Tabaccos gearing up for Japan-South Korea-China cruise. Who says the economy is hurting?… Wanted posters on McLean Avenue bearing striking resemblance to Mike “Opie” Kenny after recent pub crawl… Captain John Enright vowing “wait ‘till next year” after Dobbs Ferry dart league elimination… Congrats to Robby and Carolyn Ernau on birth of son James… Bill Reilly and Pam Healy raving over Valentine’s trip to Broadway’s “Wicked.”… Is it really true that longtime softball mainstays Brian Curley and Lou Fata have worn Boyd Blue for the last time?... Nobody smiling broader than Mike Guilfoyle or Harris Redzepagic after lucrative Super Bowl box hit… Get well wishes to Gerard Wentzler, recovering from knee woes, and Ken McLaughlin on the mend following domestic mishap… Kudos to Tim Hearns on impending graduation from Northern Arizona University Park Ranger Law Enforcement Training Program… A tip of Wethered’s hat to Ryan Malloy for his consistent support of Boyd Council from 3000 miles away… Those who witnessed it still traumatized by the sight of the normally immaculately groomed Rich Bowman in dire need of a comb during Big Blue’s nail-biting last minute Super Bowl T.D. drive…That wasn’t our own eternally youthful Rich Condon at the bank cashing his first ever Social Security check, was it?...