The Unit

                                                     December, 1995                    



Boyd Council will be a hotbed of activity on January 28, 1996 ( Super Bowl Sunday).

** Super Bowl Bash - January 28th, 1996 **

                Boyd will host it’s innaugural Super Bowl party on Sunday, January 28th.  The affair will feature a varied hot menu and an open bar from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM.  The price is $30.00 per adult, $10.00 for young adults 12 years old and older, and no charge for those under 12 years old.  A strong response is expected, so call the Hotline today to reserve your place and avoid being shut out.

** AFC/NFC Championship,SUPER BOWL BOX POOL **

                The final winners of the NFL Championship Box Pool will be determined.  There are still boxes available for this pool, although it is over half-filled at the time we go to press.  The total cost of entry is $50.00, and each participant is entered into three separate box pools, one each for the AFC and NFC Championship games on January 14th, as well as for the Super Bowl itself.  The prizes will be awarded as follows:

                                AFC Championship             NFC Championship                             Super Bowl

1st Quarter            $150.00                                   $150.00                                                   $200.00

HalfTime                $300.00                                   $300.00                                                   $400.00

3rdQuarter             $150.00                                   $150.00                                                   $200.00

Final Score            $600.00                                   $600.00                                                   $800.00

                The balance of the prize money goes to the support of our council.

  Please respond quickly if you are interested in joining this pool and keep in mind that your money must be in before January 14th when the first two pools will be underway.  It’s a great way to support your council, win some money and add some interest to the games at hand.



A color T.V. will be raffled off at the end of the Super Bowl party.  Chances are now being sold for $5.00 a ticket, six tickets for $20.00.  If you are interested in taking a chance, but you are unable to get to the council, send in your check with a note by 1/28/96.

** “30-20-10” Drawing - January 28th, 1996 **

                Our popular and successful "30-20-10" is being repeated, with the drawing to be held at Boyd’s Super Bowl Party,

January 28, 1996.  Tickets are $25.00 each, and the prizes will be awarded on a pari-mutuel basis as follows:

                                1st prize                 -               30% of all proceeds

                                2nd prize                -               20%       

                                3rd  prize                -               10%

                                4th thru 8th prize -  free entry into the next drawing.

The remaining proceeds will go to the benefit of the Council.  A ticket is enclosed with this copy of the Unit, while more tickets are available at the council or by contacting chairmen Ed Crean or John Finn on the hotline (914) 237 - 2747.  Help your council and quite possibly fatten your own wallet at the same time.

            The last "30 - 20 - 10" drawing  was held on Decmber 10, 1995 and listed below are the winners and their prizes:

- (30%) Ed Backes                                -  $495.00

- (20%) John Honan                             -  $330.00

- (10%) Mike Crean                              -  $165.00

-  Free entry in next drawing:              - Ed Nallen

                                                                - Martin Malloy

                                                                - Kelly Wickline

                                                                - Bill Reilly

                                                                - Dennis Farley / Katie Duke


AFC/NFC Championship Football Games - January 14th, 1996

                Why not watch the games at the council that Sunday and root for your boxes in Boyd’s end of year box pools. ( See “Super Bowl Box Pool” article above ).


Welcome to our Newest Members

                Boyd welcomes the following new members to our Order: Micky Brady, Mike Brennan, Bob Bunten, Dan Crane and Chris Farley.  The membership drive is going well as we have numerous other applicants who are awaiting either their interview or the next First Degree.

K of C Free Throw Tournament

                Bob Ellis will be running a Knight's of Columbus free throw tournament on Sunday, January 21st, 1996 from 2:00 PM until 5:00 PM at the St. Barnabas elementary school gym, located on McLean Ave. The contest will be broken into both boys and girls divisions, and 5 brackets: childen of the ages of 9&10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 ( entrant's age as of 1/1/96 ).  The 12, 13 and 14 year olds will compete from 2:00 to 3:30 PM, while the 10 and 11 year old competition will follow from 3:30 until 5:00 PM         ( 9 year olds are eligible to compete in the 10 year old bracket ).  The winners of each age group will progress to the District level competition and possibly to regional and state levels.

                Applications are available from the council after January 1, 1996 or can be submitted the day of the competition.  There is no fee to participate in the competition, but each contestant should bring two cans of food for the council’s contribution to the St. Barnabas community assistance groups for distribution to the needy.


 “Poker Knights”

                The council will continue to sponsor it’s highly successful “Poker Knight” on one Friday evening per month.  Dates for the next quarter are:  January 5th, February 16th, and March 1st.  An admission charge of $10.00 includes soda, beer and food throughout the evening.  All members, regardless of poker playing prowess, are welcome.


Fiftieth Anniversary Party for Ken McLaughlin

                The committee is now being formed to organize a party honoring Ken McLaughlin for his fifty years as Chief Counselor of the Fr. Duffy Squires program.  Former Squires from each decade are needed on the committee so that we can get the word out to all past Squires.  To volunteer for this committee, please leave your name and number on the Boyd hotline or contact committee chairman Bill McLaughlin at ( 914 ) 793 - 1502.


Communion Breakfast - November 12th - 11:00 AM

                Our annual Communion Breakfast was held on Sunday, November 12th, at St. Barnabas Church.  Monsignor Toner, the pastor and a member of our council, gave us a warm welcome to open the Mass, introducing our organization to those in attendance, while encouraging them to sign up.  The council was well represented, with special thanks going to the Squires for their tremendous turnout. Chairman Billy Burns, as well as John Finn and Bob Cleary did a great job in making this event such a success.


You and I Night Recap

                Memories of the Grand Concourse were rekindled on Friday night, December 1st, with the return of the always popular “You and I Night” from days past.  Dart and ping pong tournaments, as well as card games were all part of the evening enjoyed by members and their guests.  More importantly, several of our guests that evening are now in the process of becoming members.


Monday Night Football Pool Winners

                As the NFL regular season draws to a close, the following people have hit our Monday Night Football Pool as follows:

Two week winners - Ed Crean, Lou Fata and Carmine Tabacco.

One week winners - Chris Collins, Gianni DiPaolo, Kevin Phelan and Jay Jordan.


Dart Team Update

                Although Boyd was edged out of a playoff spot in the Bronx Chapter League, the squad had a great time visiting other councils and in hosting our opponents at our new quarters.  Why not start practicing now and join the dart team next year.


Squire News

                With the opening of the new Boyd Council headquarters, the Fr. Duffy Squires have forsaken their life as nomads.  Although there may have been little media attention given to the fate of the Duffyites, it should be noted, that the program has maintained it’s continuity of operation since 1946, even including the demise of 2605 Grand Concourse.  With two business meetings, an investiture of new squires and a Christmas party, the comforts of the new abode have already been experienced and appreciated.

                The 1995-1996 basketball season is well underway, with the Turkey team record at 12 - 5, while the senior team has yet to taste defeat in 12 games.

                It’s hard to believe that the Chief Counselor of the circle would engage in proselytizing, but there seems to be a distinct Jesuit influence reflected in the makeup of the Fr. Duffy roster, with seven from Fordham Prep and six from Regis.

                The Squires have been involved with an administrative project related to the St. Jude Votive Guild and have developed a recreational and working relationship with the St. Jude parish located at 204th St. in Manhattan.  Chief Squire Matt Simpson reports that the squires will now also involve themselves in limited recreational programs with the Childrens’ Village in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.


Darts Anyone ?

                Starting in February, every Wednesday will be Dart Night, starting at 8:00 PM.  Members of all skill levels are welcome.

Room for Rent

                One of our beatiful new rooms ( 25’ x 36’ ) is now available for rent for special occasions, such as birthdays, christenings, showers or meetings.  Anyone who is interested should contact Rich Condon at ( 718 ) 549 - 5647.


K of C Scholarship Program

                The Knights of Columbus has a scholarship program for those high school seniors planning to enter a four year Catholic college or university in the United States in the Fall of 1996.  An applicant is eligible if his or her father is a member in good standing or, if deceased, was a member in good standing at time of death.  Those who feel they meet all the requirements should write directly to:

                Director of Scholarship Aid

                Knights of Columbus

                P.O. Box 1670

                New Haven, Connecticut 06507-0901

Please include your member number and Council number.  The final filing date with all documentation is March 1, 1996.


Dues Reminder

                All members will be receiving their 1996 dues billing very shortly.  However there is no reason to wait.  Just mail in $30.00 for regular members and $9.00 for Honorary members.


Children's Christmas Party

                The annual Boyd Children's Party for children of members and their guests was held at Boyd Council on December 10th.  The day featured candy, soft drinks, hot dogs, Christmas carols, and of course a visit from St. Nick himself.  Chairman JJ Jordan and his helper elves, Bob Ellis, Mike Gilmore and Billy Burns provided the kids with a fun filled afternoon.



Grand Knight:                       Rich Condon

Deputy Grand Knight:         John Finn

Treasurer:                              Carmine Tabacco

Financial Secretary:             Jim Maher


Council Info

Address:                                957 McLean Ave. - 2nd Floor ( enter through glass doors of building with blue Allstate canopy )

Telephone:                            ( 914 ) 237 - 2747

Council hours:

Friday nights                        8:00 PM - 12:00 PM

Sunday afternoons              1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

**  Please sign up as a volunteer for these fraternal nights to open, tend bar, and close up  **

Meetings/Fraternal Nights:

First Thusday of the month               - Officers Meeting                  ( meeting open to council officers only )

Third Thursday of the month            - General Membership Meeting  ( open to all paid up members )

Fraternal Nights will follow the meetings on both nights            


Daze and Knights

                Congratulations to Mike Brennan, Dan Crane and Derek Tabacco upon taking their Third Degree this month.....Birthday best wishes to Joe Miller, Carmine Tabacco and Bob Ellis, all of whom celebrate (?) their 45th this month.....Jim Maher still recovering from walking down a malfunctioning roller coaster.  Great Adventure, huh Jim ?.....Ole St. Nick sure bore a resemblance to Bill McLaughlin at the Kids Christmas party.  Thanks Willie.....Brian Curley just back from balmy Bahamas.....Will Mary Phelan be joining us solo on Super Sunday ?...      Is it time to put out an A.P.B. for Gerry Conroy, Joe Crean and that ever absent John Kearns ?.....John Honan counting down his last year of bachelorhood.....Eddie ( Robin Hood ? ) Nallen supplying quality eats on Poker Knights.....Good to see Kevin Kane and family at the last couple of functions.....Hats off to Brian Powers for his superb showing in the N.Y.C. Marathon..... Marion Burns regaling listeners with tale of an encounter with a Midtown rodent.....Artie Eilert out of the hospital and recovering nicely down in Florida.....Nice to see ninety one year old Peter Nesdale saunter into our new quarters last month.  Peter entertained us with stories of old Ireland.....Thanks to Mike Brennan and Bill Bauer for their generous donations to our council’s bar supplies.....Thanks also go out to Mike Gilmore for his donation of a bumper pool table and various building supplies.....Great job of decorating for Christmas by Bob Cleary, Bill Burns and Bill McLaughlin, with finishing touches provided by the kids.....John Finn looking forward to making his Meadowlands coaching debut in January.....WoodLean Board of Directors showing a strong Boyd influence, with five of the fifteen seats held by Boyd members.....Bob Bunten has the second best coaching record in his house.....Heartwarming sight watching Mike Gilmore help Joe Miller’s sons improve their bumper pool skills.....Bob Ellis being spotted on McLean Ave. on a daily basis, checking his watch and muttering something about Jupiter the clown.  Tip to John Honan, don’t let Bobby Ellis book the entertainment for your wedding.....Bill Nage still MIA at our monthly Poker Knights.....Debbie Maher is now gainfully employed by the College of Mount St. Vincent.....Wonder which word in the Squire article gave away the identification of the author.....Rich Condon has been the driving force behind so much of our council’s resurgence.  It would be nice to see some different faces at the council meetings ready to volunteer their time and effort.