The Unit

                                                                          Nov,  1994     


                                    Boyd Captures the 1994 Softball Crown

            The Boyd softball team won the N.Y. Chapter Championship by defeating a talented Aquinas Council team in the finals. 

The Boyd squad rebounded from a 5-3 opening game defeat to cop the final two games of the series, 6-4 and 5-3.  Their success

was made even more satisfying in that the Championship Award had been renamed to the Richie Santiago League Championship

Trophy just prior to the start of the 1994 K of C softball season.  The 1994 Playoffs MVP Award was shared by shortstop Mike

Ostrander and pitcher Dennis Farley.  Congratulations to manager John Honan and the entire team for a job well done.


Jai Alai

            Sunday afternoon, November 20th marks the date of Boyd's 2nd annual Jai-alai trip to Milford,  Connecticut.  For those of

you new to Jai-alai, it is a fast moving, exciting sport, with pari-mutual betting, similar to horse racing.  $30.00 per person includes the

chartered bus, admission, a program, and lunch.  The day, which proved to be a big hit last year, begins in front of our office at

1008 McLean Ave. at 11:00 AM.  Firm commitments and partial payments are needed.  Contact  Rich Condon (718) 549-5647

or the Boyd Hot Line by November 13th.


Hey,  You never know

            Our popular and successful "30-20-10" is once again open for business, with the drawing to be held at our office on

December 15, 1994.  Tickets will be $25.00 each, and the prizes will be awarded on a pari-mutuel basis as follows:

                        1st prize           -           30% of all proceeds

                        2nd prize          -           20%    

                        3rd  prize          -           10%

                        4th thru 8th prize -  free entry into the next drawing.

The remaining proceeds will go to the benefit of the Council. Contact chairmen Ed Crean or John Finn on the hotline (914) 237 - 2747

for further information.  Tickets are available at the council or by the mail.  Help your council and quite possibly fatten your own wallet

at the same time.



            Chris Collins would like to organize a Boyd New Years Eve Party, but is uncertain about the amount of interest the membership

has.  If you wish to ring out the old and ring in the new with familiar faces, contact Chris on the Hotline today.  Time is short..........


Squire Fund Update  

            As a result of the generosity of both the Boyd membership and Squire alumni, a check for $1,000.00 was sent to the Fr. Duffy Squires. 

Members are reminded that this is an ongoing program, administered by Lou Fata and Brian Curley.  Anyone wishing to contribute may make a

check payable to "Boyd Council" and send it to the attention of either of these two members.  Thanks again to all who have donated thus far.



            When you would like to know about upcoming events, give us a call at (914) 237 - 2747.




Meeting &  Fraternal Nights

            Starting in September, the general membership meetings will be held on the third Thursday of every month, while officers meetings will be

the first Thursday of every month.  All meetings are held at our office at 1008 McLean Ave.The meetings will start at 7:30 promptly and will be

followed by  Fraternal Nights featuring poker games and/or dart matches , with beer, soda and hot dogs for your refreshment.  If cards or darts

don't interest you, then come by anyway and just enjoy the company of your fellow Knights.  There is a $10.00 charge for refreshments.


Keep On Hopin' Open

            Our annual golf outing was held  Friday, September 30th, at Van Cortlandt Golf Course.  A group of about 60 people took part in the

outing, which concluded with a dinner and an awards presentation at the River's Edge Cafe on McLean Ave.  History was made this year, as one

of the participants recorded a hole-in-one on the 11th hole.  The Steve Magee Award, given annually to recognize a member for his contributions

for the good of the order of Boyd Council., was given to our GK, Bill Reilly.  Rich Bowman would like to thank all those who donated their time

to making the outing a success, especially Gary Henshaw, Brendan Kelly, Carmine Tabacco and Dennis Farley.


Old-Timers Day

            The Eighth Annual Boyd Old-Timers Day /Picnic was held at Indian Field in Woodlawn on Saturday, August 20th.  The day was marked

by the appearance of many Boyd players from days gone by, as well as a contingent of Columbiettes.  The day required some hopscotch maneuvers

from field to field ( probably orchestrated by the current Boyd softball team as a ploy to tire out the old fellas ), but the games went on as planned

and all attendees enjoyed lots of memories and the great weather . 


Five members honored for outstanding contributions

            The first meeting of our Columian year took place on Sept. 15th at the Bajart American Legion Post.  The Council took the opportunity

to honor Ed Backes, Ed Crean, Ed Flanagan, Ken McLaughlin and Bill Nage for their many contributions to Boyd over the years.  John Honan,

manager of the Boyd softball team, presented Grand Knight Bill Reilly with the Rich Santiago Championship Trophy for display at our offices.


Fall Dart League update

            The Boyd Dart team has completed the first half of their season, compiling a .500 record to this point - good for third place.  Captain

Bill Reilly is confident that the team can once again make the playoffs and strive for the championship.


Monday Night Football Pool

            The  Monday Night Football box pool has completed 9 weeks, and the following people have won prizes:

            Bill Burns                      $100.00

            Joe Miller                     $100.00

            Dennis Farley               $100.00

            Rich Bellotti                  $100.00

            Laurie Manley              $100.00

            Joe Miller                     $100.00

            Rich Condon                $200.00

                                                $100.00 carrying over to week 10



Annual Boyd Retreat - 12/2/94 - 12/4/94

            The Annual Boyd Retreat will be held this year from Dec. 2nd through  Dec. 4th at the Cardinal Spellman Retreat House in Riverdale. 

This has been called Boyd's best kept secret, and with good reason.  If a weekend of introspection and spiritual renewal sounds appealing, call

Jim Kane at (914) 234 - 3119.


Children's Christmas Party

            The annual Boyd Children's Party for children of members and their guests will once again be held at St. Peter and Paul's Church in Mt. Vernon

on December 11th at 1:00 PM.  The day includes candy, soft drinks, hot dogs, entertainment, and of course a visit from St. Nick himself.  Anyone

wishing to attend should bring a gift (suggested cost $5 to $10) that is wrapped and clearly labelled with your child's name.  Call the Hotline after

December 1st for directions or more info.


Daze and Knights

        Kudos to Gary Henshaw for his thoughtfulness in donating golf balls with the K of C logo in Richie Santiago's memory for this years Boyd outing.....

Joe Miller's #1 son bussing tables at a popular Westchester restaurant, while Ed Carey's daughter is making her debut behind the stick at a Broadway

establishment - Tempus Fugit.....Ken McLaughlin, never the retiring type, has done just that. May it be long and prosperous big man.....PGK Jim Keenan

wrote to us recently, fondly recalling Friday nights at the Grill on the Grand Concourse, and one night in particular when he left mistakenly wearing Ken's

gray overcoat (Jim is 5' 9").....The Conroys raving about their recent trip to Vegas.....Get well wishes to Ilene White and Ann Marie Carey.....

Bill "I don't need no stinkin' partner" Burns is a shoo in for "Rookie of the Year" in the dart league.....Pat Quirke riding high in 1994, what with a new

baby, pitching his "Just Us" bar team to back to back 2-1 victories in their softball finals, and starting as a safety on an undefeated "River's Edge"

football team.....Best wishes to newlyweds Brian and Laura Curley.....Bob Ellis' son Chris is raising eyebrows in Yonkers schoolboy track circles with

his outstanding performances of late.....John Kearns phone home.....Jim Kane complaining about the lack of mailboxes in his neighborhood.....Speaking

of black socks with sneakers - is Andre Agassi emulating Rich Bellotti or is it the other way around ?.....Rich Bowman thrilled with his "Best Hat Award"

at the Keep on Hopin' Open.....Brian Powers dad is recovering nicely from recent surgery.....Where does Edgar Vazquez go between softball seasons?......

Errol Tabacco fish farming at Tarheel College.....Mike Gilmore and Dennis Farley reflecting on their meeting at a recent Father-Daughter Dance at

Ursuline Academy - Dennis:"Mike looked like Travolta out there", Mike:"I didn't realize you could buy red clip-on ties any more".....Was Billy Ostrander

listening to the softball championship on Armed Forces Radio while away on his honeymoon ?.....Good to see Paul Abrams returning to the fold.....

Bob Cleary still amazed at how quickly Bill Reilly ran through his first meeting over at Bajart.....John Honan pitched his Fall softball league team to a

thirteen inning 1-0 victory - Was that on the Atari or Sega Genesis game system?.....Congrats to Brian Powers on the arrival of his son.....Best of luck

to Ricky Keelan on his relocation up to Mahopac.....We hear John Finn and Jim Maher have hired lobbyists to push forth their proposal for a

microwave oven and frozen White Castles up at our office.....When's the last time John Foran had a fresh Sabrett straight from an old coffee urn ?.- or

had a dart fired into his shoe for that matter.....Hey Dave Connelly Sr. down there in the Sunshine state: A very belated thanks for stepping up and

doing what no one else would - managing a ragtag bunch of softball players twenty one summers ago. We have never forgotten.....