The Unit - Special Edition

                                                                        Nov, 1994

You gotta be in it to win it !!!

            Please note the enclosed "30-20-10" tickets for the drawing to be held at our office on December 15, 1994.  Tickets will be

$25.00 each, and the prizes will be awarded on a pari-mutuel basis as follows:

                                 1st prize   -   30% of all proceeds

                                 2nd prize  -   20%          

                                 3rd  prize -   10%

                                 4th thru 8th prize -  free entry into the next drawing.

The remaining proceeds will go to the benefit of the Council. Contact chairman Ed Crean on the hotline (914) 237 - 2747 for further information.

  Help your council and quite possibly fatten your own wallet at the same time.


Children's Christmas Party

            A Christmas party will be held for the children of Boyd Council members on Sunday, December 11th, at 1:00 PM. The festivities will

take place in the gymnasium below St. Peter and Paul church, on Birch St. and Columbus Ave. in the Fleetwood section of Mt. Vernon. The

party will feature refreshments such as candy, soda and hot dogs, as well as a clown and a visit from Santa at the end of the day. Anyone

interested in attending should bring a gift (suggested cost of $5 to $10) for each child who will be accompanying them. Please wrap each gift

and label with the child's name.


K of C Free Throw Tournament

            Bob Ellis will be running a Knight's of Columbus free throw tournament on Sunday,  January 8th, 1994 from 9:30 AM until 12:00 PM. 

The competition will take place in the St. Barnabas elementary school gym on McLean Ave.  The contest is broken into both boys and girls

divisions, and 5 brackets: childen of the ages of 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 ( entrant's age as of 1/1/94 ). The winners of each age group will progress

to the District level competition and possibly to regional and state levels.  Applications are available in advance from either Bob Ellis or Jim Maher,

or at the gym on the morning of the contest.


1994 Dues Notices

            Financial Secretary Jim Maher has enclosed envelopes for the purpose of remitting your 1995 dues - $30.00 for regular members and

$9.00 for Honorary members. For all those in arrears, he has included a Dues Bill specifying the amount due.  In addition, he wishes to advise

that termination notices for those members in arrears more than one year will be sent out shortly.

            Don't be a statistic - write out that check now !!


St. Patrick's Day Party

            Dennis Farley is in the process of setting up a St. Patrick's Day party.  Please plan on joining your fellow council members and their

families for the "wearing of the the green" in 1995.  Details will follow in our next mailing.



            When you would like to know about upcoming events, give us a call at

(914) 237 - 2747.