The Unit

                                                       October, 1995                        


Grand Knight’s Message


            I would like to thank all those who spent the summer converting what was an empty shell into our new, spacious and

beautiful council.  When Fr. Toner, pastor of St. Barnabas parish, blessed our new quarters at the September membership meeting,

it truly became our home.

            We are entering a dynamic and important time in the history of Boyd Council, and a time that will demand renewed energy

on the part of our membership.  To accomplish all of our fraternal, religious and charitable goals and remain financially secure, our

number one priority over the next year is a membership drive.  With great people doing great things at a beautiful location, it is easy

for each member to be a salesman, bringing new members to Boyd.

            You will note from this newsletter the many activities planned for the next few months, as well as expanded council hours. 

All members, particularly those less active members as well as new members are urged to step forward to support your council as

active participants and/or volunteers.


                                                                                                Fraternally yours,

                                                                                                Rich Condon, G.K.


New Boyd Council Location and Hours of Operation

Address:           957 McLean Ave. - 2nd Floor ( enter through glass doors of building with blue Allstate canopy )

Tel. Number:    ( 914 ) 237 - 2747

New council hours:

Friday nights                 8:00 PM - 12:00 PM

Sunday afternoons        1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

**  Volunteers are needed to open, close and work the bar  **

Meetings/Fraternal Nights:

First Thusday of the month        - Officers Meeting                        ( open to council officers only )

Third Thursday of the month     - General Membership Meeting  ( open to all paid up members )

Fraternal Nights will follow the meetings on both nights


Communion Breakfast - November 12th - 11:00 AM

            Our annual Communion Breakfast will be held on Sunday, November 12th, at St. Barnabas Church on McLean Ave. and

242nd St. at 11:00 AM.  A continental breakfast will be served immediately following the Mass back at the Council.  Please make

a special effort to attend, as it is imperative that we support our new host parish. The Communion Breakfast will be immediately

followed by the:

            Council House Warming Party

            Following the Communion Breakfast, Boyd will have a house warming party at our new digs.  All members and their families

are welcome to attend.  Members are encouraged to prepare and bring their favorite dish ( sternos will be provided ) as we celebrate

our new quarters with the membership and their children.  Come for a day of fraternalism and football (Cowboys and 49ers ).  Let’s all

pitch in to make this event a success.  If you are interested please leave a message on the hotline.


You and I Nite - December 1st - 8:00 PM

            We are bringing back one of our more popular and successful events from the Grand Concourse. Basically the night provides a

social setting with a six foot hero, beer and a sports motif at a cost of  $15.00 for members and  $10.00 for guests. This night provides

prospective members with a chance to meet current members in our new quarters, so please get out and start recruiting.

 “30-20-10” Drawing - December 10th

            Our popular and successful "30-20-10" is once again open for business, with the drawing to be held at our office on December 10th

after the the Children’s Christmas Party.  Tickets will be $25.00 each, and the prizes will be awarded on a pari-mutuel basis as follows:

                        1st prize           -           30% of all proceeds

                        2nd prize          -           20%    

                        3rd  prize          -           10%

                        4th thru 8th prize -  free entry into the next drawing.

The remaining proceeds will go to the benefit of the Council. Contact chairmen Ed Crean or John Finn on the hotline (914) 237 - 2747

for further information.  Tickets are available at the council or by the mail.  Help your council and quite possibly fatten your own wallet

at the same time.


Children's Christmas Party - December 10th

            The annual Boyd Children's Party for children of members and their guests will be held at Boyd Council on December 10th at

1:00 PM.  The day includes candy, soft drinks, hot dogs, entertainment, and of course a visit from St. Nick himself.  There is no charge

for admission to the party, it is subsidized entirely by the 50-50 drawing that is held that day.  Anyone wishing to attend should bring a

gift (suggested cost $5 to $10) that is wrapped and clearly labelled with your child's name.  Call the Hotline after December 1st for

directions or more info.


Dart Team Update

            The team has compiled a .500 record to date.  Captain Bill Reilly feels that the experience gained by our new members will help

to position the squad for for a playoff run during the second half of the season.


Old-Timers Day - 1995

            The Ninth Annual Boyd Old-Timers Day /Picnic was held at Indian Field in Woodlawn on Saturday,

July 8th.  The day was marked by the appearance of many Boyd players from days gone by, and all attendees enjoyed lots of great memories

and the great weather - immediately followed by sore muscles.


Softball Recap

            Despite a good regular season record, the Boyd squad could not successfully defend their softball crown as they fell to Aquinas in the

playoffs.  Cries of “Wait til next year” are already being heard on McLean Ave.


Fr. Duffy Squire's Reunion Picnic

            The Boyd Picnic / Squire Reunion was held on September 9th at Krucker's Restaurant and Grove in Pomona, N.Y.  A combination

of Knights and their families, Squires ( past and present ), and friends from the old neighborhood turned out - a total of about 125 people in all. 

The day included softball and basketball games between the Knights and Squires and plenty of food and laughs.  For those of you who were

unable to attend, mark the Saturday after next Labor Day on your 1996 calendar now.


Keep On Hopin' Open

            Our annual golf outing was held  Friday, September 29th, at Van Cortlandt Golf Course.  A group of about 70 people took part in the

outing, which concluded with a dinner and an awards presentation at the River's Edge Cafe on McLean Ave. For the first time ever, the

Steve Magee Award, given annually to recognize members who exemplify the Kof C ideals, was given to person who is not a member of

Boyd Council.  Tim Crowe, a member of Vera Cruz Council and a perennial Keep on Hopin’ Open participant, won $1,000 in the NY Post

football handicapping pool and was kind enough to split the prize with another entrant in the pool who was homeless.  Rich Bowman would like

to thank all those who donated their time to making the outing a success, especially Gary Henshaw, Bill Reilly, Carmine Tabacco and Dennis Farley.



Poker Dates

            Try your luck on Friday nights - November 17th and December 8th - at Boyd’s new monthly card games. Food and beer / soda are

provided for cover charge of $10 for the night.


Squire Fund Raiser

            The upcoming year will mark the fiftieth anniversary of Ken McLaughlin as Chief Counselor of the Fr. Duffy Squire program at Boyd Council. 

Those of you who were squires or are familar with this vital part of our organization know that this program has been funded almost entirely out

of Ken’s pocket.  Ken is now retired

and we are asking you to find it in your hearts to make a donation - as much as you can afford, no donation is too small - to the Squire Fund. 

A gala celebration marking Ken’s milestone is in the works.  Please look for the follow up article and make an effort to attend.  Ken would love

to see you.


In Remembrance of the Faithfully Departed

            Jack Flanagan

            Jack Henshaw ( brother of Gary )


Insurance Agent

            Our new insurance agent is Brian O’Reilly - (718) 376 - 4336.  We have invited him to join us at our November general membership



Daze and Knights

            Derek Tabacco handing out cigars recently to celebrate birth of his first child.....Congrats to expectant parents Joe and Marie Carey

and J.J. and Ellen Jordan.....Bill McLaughlin red-faced over the recent descent of his sweatpants at McDonald’s.....Did Jimmy Halsey really

razz Ken McLaughlin as an “old man”, then hobble off the field after Ken struck him out ? - By the way, has anybody figured out how to

hit Ken’s pitching yet ?.....Bill Reilly back from two week business jaunt to Maryland.....Rich Bellotti still regretting his line drive off Ken in the

Old-Timers game - Gotta learn to duck ya floopin’ banana.....Great to hear from PGK Joe Rourke.....Bob Rehm recovering

nicely from bout with diviticulitis.....Boyd was well represented during the Pope’s recent visit to New York - Dianna Tabacco sang with the

choir at Central Park while Carmine sat in attendance.  Joe Carey and Kevin Phelan attended the mass at Aqueduct Racetrack with tickets

obtained through New Haven ( looking forward to hearing from them at the next meeting ).  The prayer service at Dunwoodie was

attended by Bob Ellis, Jim Maher, Billy Burns’ family and both Bobby and Billy Rehm were there to provide security.....Weekly football

pool shows John Honan as four week winner, with Mark Rabuse and J.J. Jordan also cashing in.....Columbia magazine reports that Megan

McDonagh is working towards her degree at Fairfield under a K of C scholarship.  Megan is the daughter of the late Bill McDonagh from Boyd.

Chris Farley just turned eighteen years old - Will Boyd have a left hander in the pen for the late innings now ?.....Brian Powers training

diligently for the NYC Marathon next month.  Didn’t know they had a senior citizen division Brian.....Haven’t seen or heard from John Foran

since we stopped cooking hot dogs in the coffee pot.....