The Unit

The W.J. Boyd   #326   Newsletter                        September, 1996



Grand Knight:                      Rich Condon                         Treasurer:                             Carmine Tabacco

Deputy Grand Knight:        Bill Burns                               Financial Secretary:           Jim Maher


Council Info

Address:                                957 McLean Ave.

                                2nd Floor ( enter through glass doors of building with blue Allstate canopy )

Telephone:            ( 914 ) 237 - 2747

Council hours:

Friday nights                        8:00 PM - 12:00 PM

Sunday afternoons              1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

**  Please sign up as a volunteer for these fraternal nights to open, tend bar, and close up  **

Meetings/Fraternal Nights:

First Thusday of the month               - Officers Meeting                  ( meeting open to council officers only )

Third Thursday of the month            - General Membership Meeting  ( open to all paid up members )




The election of officers for the upcoming year were held in June and the following candidates were elected:

            Grand Knight                -           Rich Condon

            Deputy Grand Knight     -           Bill Burns

            Chancellor                    -           Bob Cleary

            Warden                        -           Bill McLaughlin

            Treasurer                      -           Carmine Tabacco

            Recording Secretary      -           Mike Brennan

            Advocate                      -           John Honan

            Inside Guard                 -           Joe DaCorta

            Outside Guard               -           Ed Flanagan

            Trustees                       -           Ken McLaughlin           -    3-year term

                                                            Bill Reilly                      -    2-year term

                                                -           Rich Bowman               -    1-year term

Grand Knight’s Message

            Last year was certainly a time of accomplishment at Boyd Council, witnessed by the relocation to new headquarters, a successful

membership drive, renewed fraternal and community activities and most importrantly a sense of vitality. We cannot rest on our laurels. 

Renovations are underway to make your council even better.  Your officers are working hard to develop a calendar of fraternal, charitable

and community activities that our members can enjoy ( see following articles ).  However, our real success over the next few years must come

from the transformation of Boyd’s “card carrying members” into “active members” in the life of your council.  Please make every effort to drop

by on a Friday night or a Sunday afternoon and at our general membership meetings.  Participate in activities of your liking and perhaps

volunteer to be on one of the committees.  I can guarantee both fun and personal satisfaction.

                                                                                                Fraternally yours,

                                                                                                Rich Condon, G.K.


*** News Flash ***              Boyd captures 1996 softball crown             *** News Flash ***

            The W.J. Boyd softball team rebounded from a first round game 1 defeat to win their next four playoff games by an aggregate score

of 43 to 15, capturing their second Bronx-Manhattan Championship in the last three years.  Mgr. John Honan expressed great pleasure in his

team’s prime time performance and  also derived great satisfaction from the fact that “ the Richie Santiago Award is back where it belongs”. 

Well done men.


Upcoming Events


Old-Timers Day - September 7th

            The Ninth Annual Boyd Old-Timers Day /Picnic has been rescheduled for September 7th at 11:00 AM at Indian Field in Woodlawn.  All members and their families are welcome.  Bring your own refreshments and a baseball glove.  For further information, contact Dennis Farley at (914) 476 - 0929.


Jai Alai Trip - September 22nd

            Sunday afternoon, September 22nd marks the date of Boyd's  Jai-alai trip to Milford, Connecticut. For those of you new to Jai-alai, it is a fast moving, exciting sport, with pari-mutual betting, similar to horse racing. The price is $30.00 per person and covers the chartered bus, admission, a program, and lunch. Firm commitments and payments are needed. Call the Boyd HotLine or contact  Rich Condon (718) 549-5647 to ensure your spot on the bus.


Communion Breakfast - September 29th - 11:00 AM

            Our annual Communion Breakfast will be held on Sunday, September 29th, at St. Barnabas Chapel on McLean Ave. and 242nd St. at 11:00 AM. A continental breakfast will be served immediately following the Mass back at the Council. Please make a special effort to attend with your family as it is imperative that we support our host parish. All parishoners are welcome back after the Mass.


Keep On Hopin' Open - October 4th

            Get ready to tee off at Boyd’s Annual “Keep on Hopin’ Open” golf tournament on Friday, October 4th, at Van Cortlandt Golf Course.  The day features greens fees and cart, refreshments after your round at the course, and dinner with

an open bar at the River’s Edge restaurant during which awards will be presented.  Space is limited for this event, so call

Rich Bowman at (914) 792 - 9274 or leave a message on the Boyd Hotline by September 20th for reservations.


Boyd World Series Pool

            The Council is sponsoring a baseball pool based on it’s highly successful Super Bowl Pool.  One hundred boxes will be sold at a cost of $50.00 each, and the prizes are: $1,000.00 for the winner of the American League Championship Series, $1,000.00 for the winner of the National League Championship Series, and $2,000.00 for the winner of the World Series. The final score of the final game of each series will determine the winner. All proceeds benefit the Council.  Support Boyd and add some spice to the Fall Classic. Come and pick a box in person on a Friday evening or Sunday afternoon.  You can also leave a message on the Hotline to reserve a box.  First come, first served.


Dart League Resumes in the Fall

            The N.Y.C. Chapter Dart League competition will be starting in early September.  We need ten shooters.  Experience is not necessary,  just a desire to have fun, and free time.  Competition will be on Tue., Wed., or Thur. from now thru early January.  Call the Hot Line and leave a message if you are interested.


You and I Nite - October 18th - 8:00 PM

            “You and I Nite” is one of our more popular and successful events, going back to our days on the Grand Concourse. Basically it’s a relaxed atmosphere of darts, ping pong, poker etc. with a six foot hero, beer and soda at a cost of $15.00 for members and $10.00 for guests. This night provides prospective members with a chance to meet current members in our new quarters, so please get out and start recruiting.


New Years Eve Celebration

                Plans are currently underway for a Knights of Columbus New Year’s Eve party at Boyd Council.  The preliminary thoughts are for an open bar format and a buffet style dinner, with noisemakers, hats and a champagne toast at midnight.  All that, coupled with the new sound system just installed at the council, should lead to an extremely enjoyable evening  with your fellow brothers and their spouses.  We currently estimate that the cost will be between $40 - $50 per person.  The seating will be limited, so if you are interested call the Boyd Council hotline @ (914) 237-2747.


Poker Nights

            Mark on your calendar that the third Friday of each month is our official poker night.  The admission charge of $10.00 includes soda, beer and food.


























































Ken Mc Laughlin 50th Anniversary Party a huge success

            June 21st was certainly a “significant and historic night in the life of W.J. Boyd Council and the Fr. Duffy Squires”, as Rich Condon

announced in his opening remarks. A crowd of 230 people converged on Fordham University, some flying in from the West, Midwest and

South to honor Ken on the occasion of his fiftieth anniversary as Chief Counsellor of our Squire program.

            Plaques were presented to Ken by NY State representatives from both the K of C and Squires. Former Grand Knight Chris McGuinness

provided an amusing and poignant retrospective of Ken’s years and Squire remembrances, while Jim Moore, who was a squire when Ken took

over the program, shared some of his memories with the crowd.  However Ken “stole the show” with his acceptance speech. Who will ever forget

Ken’s personalized rendition of “Casey at the Bat”, which featured Squires of past years throughout the verse and concluded with “There is no joy in

Duffyville, for the mighty Farley had struck out”.

            Everyone’s generosity that evening was overwhelming and certainly evidenced what Ken and the Squire program meant in their lives. 

All proceeds were turned over to Ken and the Fr. Duffy Squire program.

            Special thanks go out to Bill McLaughlin and his committee for arranging this memorable affair.  If you placed an ad in the journal and did

not receive a copy, please leave a message on the Hotline.


***      Open Letter to Boyd Council Members and Friends   ***

            The evening of June 21, 1996 will always remain indelibly fixed in my mind as a memorable point in my life as a member of Wethered J. Boyd

Council, Knights of Columbus.  To have been the recipient of such honors and generosity for the role played by me in the history of the

Fr. Duffy Squires is disproportionate to the enjoyment of the task.

            To those who were in attendance on that evening and to those who were there in spirit, I can only offer my sincerest thanks for your thoughtful

words and gestures.

            As will be noticed below, the second half of that century has already begun.


                                                                                                                        Ken McLaughlin

Squire News

            June 21, 1996 has come and gone - and even with the fond recollection of innumerable plaudits - there is no reason to suggest that the

Fr. Duffy Squires should be sitting back in repose.

            The election of Squire Officers for the Columbian Squire Year, July 1, 1996 to June 30, 1997 resulted in the following designations:

                        Chief Squire:                 Timothy McCarthy        (Fordham Prep)

                        Deputy Chief Squire:     Patrick O’Keefe           (Regis)

                        Bursar:                         Matthew Duffy             (Fordham Prep)

                        Notary:                         Patrick O’Connor          (Fordham Prep)

                        Marshal:                       Neil Martinez                (Fordham Prep)

                        * ( Perhaps a hint of Jesuit influence ! )

            An investiture of new Squire candidates is scheduled for Sunday, September 15 at 9:00 AM  at the Council quarters.  The innaugural business

meeting for the 1996-1997 Squire Year will be held on Monday, September 30th.

            As this goes to press, the 1996 Spring and Summer basketball program, encompassing 41 boys, competed in

84 games at the Acorn, Turkey and Senior level - participating in nine leagues - and finishing with a record of 54 wins and 30 losses - winning both

the JV and Varsity championships in the Yorktown Heights League - and without the unstinting help of PGK CHRIS McGUINNESS, there is no

way such a schedule could have been handled!


Dart Tournament vs Bajart Post

            While the Olympics took center stage in the national media, the big talk locally was the dart competition between the Bajart American Legion

Post and Boyd Council for the “Championship of McLean Ave”.  Boyd eked out a narrow victory to bring home the gold and a four foot high trophy. 

A rematch is tentatively planned for January, 1997 so start practicing.


Room for Rent

            Our beautiful new room (25’x36’) is now available to rent by members and non-members for special occasions, such as birthdays, christenings,

showers, graduations or meetings.  There is a special rate for members.  Please let your friends know about the room for their parties.  Anyone

interested please contact Rich Condon, Bill Burns or Bob Cleary at the Boyd Hotline (914)-237-2747.


The Soup Run

                 “The Soup Run” consists of a group of volunteers from St. Barnabas parish. Every Thursday evening at 5:00 PM the group assembles in

the St. Barnabas Parish Center to prepare meals for distribution to the homeless people by Penn Station and Madison Square Garden in Manhattan.

The group subsists solely on the donations of the volunteers themselves, as well as the generosity of merchants and store keepers. Generally the

meals consist of iced tea, sandwiches and cookies or cakes in the warmer weather, coffee, sandwiches, cakes and soup in the colder weather. 

Once the meals are prepared and bagged, the group drives down to the Eighth Ave. side of Madison Square Garden and sets up tables to personally

distribute the food to the needy in the area, of which there are many. We are calling on you to see if you would be able to assist us in this

worthwhile venture - your help would be greatly appreciated.

            Boyd Council would like to assist this group in their effort to help the needy. If you have time on Thursdays, either at 5:00 PM in the

afternoon to make sandwiches, or around 7:30 PM to drive to Manhattan, please leave a message on the Hotline.  We also plan to raise funds

to help support this program, so financial contributions will be accepted.  If you have any questions, please call Debbie Maher at (914) 793 - 7540.


Insurance - Protect the family

            The objective of the offensive line in football is to protect the quarterback.  To do this, the line must be strong and reliable.  Your family must

also be protected.  The one thing that will protect them the best is strong and reliable life insurance.  With life insurance, your family will be protected

from financial disaster in the event of your death.  They can continue to live as you would want them to live.  And they would have you to thank for it. 

Score a touchdown for your family and buy life insurance.

Call Brian O’Reilly, your K of C insurance agent today for more information:

            Brian O’Reilly               (718) 376 - 4336 or

                                                (516) 437 - 3103.


Daze and Knights

            The Ken McLaughlin Anniversary celebration certainly brought together many faces from our past.....Dave Connelly Sr, and Marty Malloy

travelled long distances to attend the Ken McLaughlin get together. Neither has changed much from their days on the Grand Concourse.

Dave Connelly Jr. also made the long trek that evening and reports that he’s still playing ball back in Ohio.....Ryan Malloy came in from Aspen,

Colorado and said he barely recognized the Grand Concourse.....The Slattery clan, representing several generations of squires, showed up in

force that evening to demonstrate their support of Ken and the Squire program.....The McGuinness family also played a key role in making

the night such a success.....Special thanks also go out to Eurotech ( Chris McGuinness’ employer ) for all the financial support they provided.

Nice to see Gary and Angel Henshaw in attendance and looking so well. Lot’s of travelling went on this summer....Joe Miller’s son Chris recently

back from baseball tournament in sunny California.....Mike and Irene Gilmore made a trip to the Emerald Isle, as did Con Coakley and daughter Pam.

Dan and Tina Crane headed south to Disney.....The Maher’s spent July 4th enjoying the fireworks display in Washington, D.C…..

Bill Reilly safe at home after surviving west coast blackout..... Many members looking forward to the Sept. 14th Honan wedding bash.....John Enright

and Doubleday’s restaurant a perfect fit.....Can’t anybody beat Rich Condon at ping pong?.....Ken McLaughlin dusting off his knuckler for Old Timer’s

Day…..Best of luck to Mike “Oscar” Ostrander and Mike “Felix” Kenny in their new digs.....Carmine Tabacco a smash hit on his recent trip

to Hollywood - Florida.....Boyd well represented at recent Vera Cruz benefit for a stricken brother.....Gianni “Jet” DiPaolo vying for title of fastest Boyd

ballplayer ever - is the current record holder really Dennis Farley ?.....Bob and Kathy Ellis hosting kinfolk from the confederacy.....Bob Rehm recently

spotted teaching the fine art of fishing to his son Karl.....Special thanks go out to Joe Dacorta and Mike Brennan for doing all the shopping for our new

stereo system. They both claim that they’ve also contributed the lions share of money that paid for the system while learning to play darts.....With

the new stereo system in place, it’s just a matter of time before the Guinness record for longest Macarena line falls.....Jim Naughton and his lovely

daughters paid a surprise visit to the Council in August.  He still works for GM, has become a Michigan State fan and plays a mean game of ping pong.

Threatens to visit again at Christmas time.....How long has Dennis Farley been pitching for Boyd? - the Meadowlands didn’t exist yet, U.S. troops were

still in Vietnam, and people were still square dancing at Poe Park.....