The Unit

                                                  June,  1994                                        




            The election of officers for the upcoming year will be held on  June 16th, at our office at 1008 McLean Ave.  Below you

will find a list of the candidates,and the offices for which they are running.


            Grand Knight                -       Bill Reilly

            Deputy Grand Knight    -       Dennis Farley

            Chancellor                    -       Ed Flanagan

            Warden                        -       Mike Flanagan

            Treasurer                      -       Ed Crean

            Recording Secretary     -       John White

            Advocate                     -       John Honan

            Inside Guard                 -       John Finn

            Outside Guard              -       Brian Curley                                            

            Trustees                       -       Rich Bowman      -    3-year term

                                                -       Ken McLaughlin  -    2-year term

                                                -       Rich Condon        -    1-year term



            The Council has recently organized a " 30 - 20 - 10 " Club, with the dual objective of raising money for Boyd, as well as

providing a lottery for the membership.  The title explains the payout:  30% of all monies collected goes to the first prize winner, 

20% to the second prize winner,  and 10% to the third prize winner.  In addition,  prizes 4 through 8 will consist of a free entry into

the next drawing in the fall.  Tickets are being sold for $25.00 each until  June 16th.

            Contact chairman Ed Crean on the hotline (914) 237 - 2747 for further information.

Help your council and quite possibly fatten your own wallet at the same time.

 The drawing  will be held on June 16, 1994 after the Council elections at our  office at

1008 McLean Ave.


Fr. Duffy Squires Reunion

            The first ever Fr. Duffy Squires reunion was held on Friday, April 8th, and by all accounts was a rousing success.  Squires from

five decades were in attendance as Guest of Honor and keynote speaker Ken McLaughlin delivered a riveting characterization of his

48 years as Chief Counselor of the Fr. Duffy Squires.  It was a nostalgic and memorable evening that ended with Grand Knight Jim Maher

announcing plans for another reunion in two years to mark Ken's fiftieth anniversary with the Squires.


Yonkers Raceway Night

            On Saturday evening, April 30th, a group of members, their families and friends attended the annual Night at Yonkers Raceway. 

The evening featured Prime Ribs, cocktails and photo finishes to provide an evening that was lucrative for some and an exciting one for all.

Many thanks to Dennis Farley, who once again provided the attendees with a great evening of entertainment that came off without a hitch.


Communion Breakfast

            A Communion Breakfast was held on March 20th, as members and their families attended Mass at St. Barnabas in Woodlawn,

followed by breakfast at the Sizzler restaurant in Cross County Shopping Center.

Softball Report

            The W.J. Boyd softball team is off to a slow start this year through no fault of it's own.  The record of the Blue and Gold stands

at 2-1, plus three rainouts.  Manager John Honan is optimistic about the teams chances to cop the elusive crown this year. Upcoming contests


            6/6/94              Santa Maria                  at Pelham         06:45 PM

            6/8/94              Wakefield                     at Harris           06:45 PM

            6/9/94              Pro Patria II                 at Allerton        06:45 PM

            6/13/94            Pro Patria I                   at Harris           06:45 PM

            6/16                 Vera Cruz                    at Allerton        06:45 PM


Old-Timers Day

            The Eighth Annual Boyd Old-Timers Day /Picnic will be held at Indian Field in Woodlawn on Saturday, August 20th at 11:00 AM. 

In the event of rain, it will be held the following day.  All are welcome, so mark the date on your calendar today.  Bring your own refreshments

and a baseball glove.  For further information, contact John Honan , Dennis Farley or leave a message at (914)237-2747.


Las Vegas Night

            A Las Vegas night was held at the Bajart American Legion Post on Saturday, March 26th. The affair was a success thanks to

members participating as either patrons and workers.


 K of C Free Throw Tournament

            W.J.Boyd was well represented in the K of C Free Throw tournament by 11 year old Kevin Curry from St. Barnabas.  Kevin won

our Council championship, and then proceeded to win the District, Bronx/Manhattan/Staten Island, and Downstate titles to earn a trip to the

N.Y. State championships held at West Point where he copped third place.



            When you would like to know about upcoming events, give us a call at (914) 237 - 2747.


Meeting &  Fraternal Nights

            June 16th,  Election Night,  will be the last Council membership meeting until September when the meetings will be held on the third

Thursday of every month, while officers meetings will be the first Thursday of every month.


Daze and Knights

            Seems that Carmine Tabacco emerged victorious from the infamous eight member weight-loss contest.,  while one member was happier

with his starting weight .....Was that Rich Bowman giving Bob Villa tips on floor tiling recently.....Congrats to Patty and Rose Quirke on their

visit from the stork.....We hear that John McSherry was pleading with Bobby Ellis to tell the "Mike Tyson Story" at an awards ceremony recently, 

but Bobby said "NO MAS" (Bob did speak quite eloquently that evening while presenting  track and field awards and was honored with a plaque

himself for all his contributions to the newfound success of the WoodLean track team)....Accolades to Bill Reilly for his continuing interstate

"beer wagon" efforts....Rich Condon eagerly anticipating upcoming "golf weekend".....Best wishes to the recently wedded Luigi Fata and his bride.....

Good to see Joe Mongan at Boyd.....Is there room on the team for TWO Carlsons and TWO Ostranders ?.....Rich Bellotti's black socks

continue to raise eyebrows on the softball field..... Mike Gilmore still M.I.A. since dart season ended.....Joe Carey managed to leave recent poker

game with his pants on.....Where was Bill Nage?.....John Foran overheard extolling the virtues of the facilities of local New Jersey councils - but

expressing concern over what kitchen appliance is used to prepare their hot dogs.....Many thanks to new member Frank Morganthaler and his

lovely wife Barbara for their invaluable help at our Vegas night. Barbara was even able to coerce John Kearns into wagering a few bucks.....