The Unit

                                                                          May,  1995    

Hey,  You never know

            Our popular and successful "30-20-10" is once again open for business.  Tickets will be $25.00 each, and the

prizes will be awarded on a pari-mutuel basis as follows:

                        1st prize           -           30% of all proceeds

                        2nd prize          -           20%    

                        3rd  prize          -           10%

                        4th thru 8th prize -  free entry into the next drawing.

The remaining proceeds will go to the benefit of the Council. Contact chairmen Ed Crean or John Finn on the hotline

(914) 237 - 2747 for further information.  Tickets are available at the council or by the mail.  Help your council and quite

possibly fatten your own wallet at the same time.

 The drawing  will be held on June 15, 1995 after the Council elections at our  office at

1008 McLean Ave.



            The Council elections will be held on June 15th, at 8:00 PM in our office at McLean Ave. The Nominating committee

is geutting together and reviewing the current slate of candidates.  Anyone who may be interested in running for an office should

leave a message at the council by

May 15th.


It Happens Every Spring

            It seems like only yesterday that the W.J. Boyd softball team captured the New York Chapter Bronx-Manhattan Championship,

but the echo of "Play Ball" is once again with us.  Why not support your team as they attempt the daunting task of repeating, and see

softball like it oughta be.  All games start at 6:45, call the Hotline if you need directions.


5/8/95     Wakefield              at Pelham                               6/14/95   ProPatria                at Harris                                

5/11/95   Pro Patria               at Allerton                             6/15/95   Guiding Star          at Allerton                            

5/15/95   Vera Cruz               at Clinton (57th St.)              6/19/95   Aquinas                 at Pelham                              

5/17/95   Santa Maria           at Noble                                 6/21/95   Wakefield              at Harris                

5/23/95   Guiding Star          at Pelham                               6/27/95   Santa Maria           at Pelham                              

6/8/95     Vera Cruz               at Allerton                             7/6/95     All-Star Game*     at Pelham                              

6/12/95   Aquinas                 at Pelham                               * All Knights and their families are welcome at the party

                                                                                                to follow at Pro Patria.

Old-Timers Day

            The Ninth Annual Boyd Old-Timers Day /Picnic will be held at Indian Field in Woodlawn on Saturday, July 8th at 11:00 AM. 

This year's theme will be the reunion of the 1986 Championship to take on the current Boyd squad.  In the event of rain, it will be held

the following day.  All members and their families are welcome,so mark the date on your calendar today.  Bring your own refreshments

and a baseball glove.  For further information, contact John Honan , Dennis Farley or leave a message at (914)237-2747.


And They're Off

            The annual Boyd Pilgrimage to Yonkers Raceway was held on Saturday evening, April 22nd.  Five dozen Boyd bettors enjoyed

a buffet dinner, the traditional race named in our honor, and more then a few trips to the cashier windows.  Thanks to all for making this

such a special outing.





Erin Go Boyd

            The Inaugural Boyd - St. Raymond's St. Patrick's Day party held at St. Raymond's Council on the evening of March 18th was a

rousing success.  Over one hundred revelers turned out for a festive evening of dining and dancing with a Celtic twist.  Special thanks to John

Honan and Dennis Farley for coordinating such a memorable evening.


In Prayerful Remembrance of the Faithful Departed

            Alice Clarke (Columbiette)

            Edward McLaughlin ( father of William)

            Mary Maher (mother of James)


K of C Free Throw Tournament

            W.J.Boyd was well represented in the K of C Free Throw tournament by 11 year old Matthew Saunders from St. Barnabas.  Matthew

won our Council championship, and then proceeded to win the District, Bronx/Manhattan/Staten Island, and Downstate titles to earn a trip to the

N.Y. State championships held at West Point where he tied for second place.



Daze and Knights

        Congrats to Laura Duke on her big Triple success on Yonkers Night.....Brian "the Greek" Powers still taking a razzing about betting 12 favorites

that same evening.....Has anyone ever pitched 50-50 tickets better than the team of Rich Bowman and his lovely wife Norma?.....Trim Chris Collins

looking like the "after" in a Weight Watchers ad.....Congratulations to Erin Conroy, daughter of Gerry and Julie, for recently capturing the

Westchester-Putnam Mathmatics Championship - we hear her agent is trying to arrange a match versus Dr. Rose Farley.....Was that "Joggin" Julie

Conroy orbiting the Bronxville track at 6:30 AM?.....Mike Gilmore on the mend after his losing battle with a chain saw and a two oot high bush.

St. Patrick's Day party was mesmerized by superb Irish step dance of Irene Gilmore and Debbie Maher.....Get well wishes to John Mallon after his

recent surgery - and good luck at his new digs in Tuckahoe.....Kudos to Ken McLaughlin for his well-deserved recognition in the last "Columbia"

magazine.....Now that Denver has finally opened it's airport, can we expect to see Ryan Malloy on Old-Timer's Day?.....Rich Bellotti's new haircut

would be a big hit on Paris Island.....Good to see Billy McLaughlin come out of hibernation.....Joe and Jeannie Higgins' oldest is off to college in

Vermont in the fall. Good luck Brian.....Rich Condon, just back from Malaysia, proposing the caning of delinquent members.....G.K. Bill Reilly just

back from a jaunt to merry old England - was it really a business trip or, as rumor has it, a week at an instructional darts camp.....One thing about

Jim Maher and overtime in the darts playoffs, regardless of who he has for a partner, he's consistent.....Anybody knowing the whereabouts of the

Boyd shuffleboard team, contact John Honan.....Since claiming her St. Patricks Day dance door prize, Marian Burns is telling anyone who will listen

that O.J. is innocent.....Opening Night just won't be the same without a warrior named J.J. Jordan. Good Luck Red.....