The Unit

                                                  March,  1994                                     


Las Vegas Night -- March 26th

            We are going to have a Las Vegas night at the Bajart American Legion Post in Yonkers on Saturday, March 26th

at 7:00 P.M.  We need patrons and workers to make the night a success.  There will be a meeting of volunteer workers at

our office on Tuesday, March 22nd at 7:30 P.M.

            The American Legion Post is located on the north side of McLean Ave. midway between the Major Deegan and

the Bronx River Parkway, just west of Kimball Ave. -- 840 McLean Ave.        


Fr. Duffy Squires Reunion - April 8th

            W.J. Boyd is organizing the first ever Fr. Duffy Squires reunion on Friday, April 8th.  The reunion will be held from

8:30 PM to 1:00 AM at Guiding Star Council in the Pelham Bay section of the Bronx.  The cost  will be $30.00, and will

include refreshments throughout.  The affair will be honoring Ken McLaughlin for his many years of service. Current members,

whether former Squires or not, are asked to assist in the promotion of the affair by calling the Hot-line with the names and

addresses of any long lost Squires they know. The event is being chaired by Dennis Farley, Bill Reilly, Chris Collins, John Finn

and Joe Carey.


Communion Breakfast

            A Communion Breakfast will be held on March 20th, as members and their families are invited to attend the 9:00 Mass

at the main church at St. Barnabas in Woodlawn.  Following the service, we will be going to the Sizzler restaurant in Cross County

Shopping Center for breakfast.  The cost of the breakfast will be $10.00 per adult.


***  The meeting of March 17th has been re-scheduled for March 24th  ***


Yonkers Raceway Night

            Saturday evening, April 30th will be Boyd night at Yonkers Raceway.  There will be a race named in honor of the Council,

and the evening, which includes a Prime Rib Dinner, two drinks and your admission to the clubhouse, will cost $30.00.  All are welcome,

but seats are limited.  For further information, contact the Hotline or Dennis Farley at  (914)  476 - 0929.


Hey,  You never know

            The annual Executive Club drawing will be held at office on June 16, 1994.  Tickets will be $25.00 each, and the prizes will

be awarded on a pari-mutuel basis as follows:

                                 1st prize   -   30% of all proceeds

                                 2nd prize  -   20%          

                                 3rd  prize -   10%

                                 4th thru 8th prize -  free entry into the next drawing.

The remaining proceeds will go to the benefit of the Council. Contact chairman Ed Crean on the hotline (914) 237 - 2747 for further

information.  Tickets are available at the council or by the mail.  Help your council and quite possibly fatten your own wallet at the same



Upcoming Degrees

      1st Degree  - March 29th  -  at Aquinas


Charity Ball Chancebooks

            Chairman Ed Flanagan asks that you open up your hearts and wallets and buy some chances in support of many local area charities,

the principal beneficiary being Calvary Hospital. The drawing will take place at the annual Charity Ball, to be held at Maestro's in the Bronx

on May 27th. Please contact Ed on the Hotline if you are interested in attending this affair.


Dart League Report

            The Boyd dart team used a strong finish to come in fourth place in N.Y.C. Chapter Dart League regular season.  The team was then

bumped from the playoffs in an exciting match that had to go to overtime. This was the league's debut, and by all acounts it was a successful

one. Captain Bill Reilly and co-captain Carmine Tabacco did a great job of guiding a team comprised of dart novices to the playoffs. The

league starts up again in September for any members interested in playing.


 1994 Dues Notices

            Financial Secretary Carmine Tabacco wishes to advise the membership to please remit their 1994 dues - $30.00 for regular members

and $9.00 for Honorary members.  The dues returns to this point have been very good, but there are many members ( including some members

on the verge of  achieving Honorary status ) who are in danger of being dropped and losing their consecutive years of membership.       

                           Don't be a statistic - write out that check now !!


K of C Free Throw Tournament

            Boyd Council sponsored a Knight's of Columbus free throw tournament on Sunday,

January 9th,  in the St. Barnabas elementary school gym, that attracted almost 60 boys and girls between the ages of  10 and 14.  The winners


            Age                         Boy                              Girl

             10                   Frank Keenan              Christine Maher           

             11                   Kevin Curry                 Christine Tolan

             12                   Brian Tolan                   Margaret Heavey

             13                   Stephen Zegarelli          Kelly Higgins

                 14                   David Daly                   none

            Bob Ellis did an outstanding job organizing this event, from securing the gym to coordinating the paperwork and distribution of awards.

Bob would like to thank his team of volunteers for helping to ensure the success of this endeavor, including Mickey Brady, Gerry Conroy,

Jim Falconi, Dennis Farley, Jim Maher, Rob Nugent, and Bill Reilly, as well as Bob Fitzmaurice and Jim Curry.

   *** UPDATE ***

            At this time, one of our contestants, Kevin Curry, had won the Bronx/Manhattan/Staten Island crown, and was moving on to face

the Westchester/Putnam winners for the Downstate NY title.


 Welcome to Boyd Council

            The officers of the council would like to extend a warm welcome to our latest accepted applicant, Kenny Davitt. We also would like

to welcome back the recently re-instated Bob Rehm, Tim Rehm, Ken Beichert, Robert Buckley and Dave Biasotti.



            When you would like to know about upcoming events, give us a call at (914) 237 - 2747.




Childrens Christmas Party   

            The Annual Boyd Children's Christmas Party was held on Sunday,  December 12th at  Sts. Peter and Paul's Church in the Fleetwood

section of Mt. Vernon.  Refreshments were served all day,  and the children were entertained by the antics of Bingo the clown.  In the late

afternoon, Old St. Nick joined the party, assuring that children of all ages would have a wonderful time.  Special thanks to brothers Conroy,

Ellis, and Farley for making the day a huge success.  Many thanks also to Ricky Keelan, who brought many smiles to his multitude of anxious

admirers that day.


In Prayerful Remembrance of the Faithful Departed

            James J. Fitzpatrick, Sr.

            Charles Sweeney

            Peter McArdle


Meeting &  Fraternal Nights

         The Council membership meetings are the third Thursday of every month, while officers meetings will be held on the first Thursday of

every month. The meetings will start at 7:30 promptly and will be followed by  Fraternal Nights at our office at 1008 McLean Ave.  There are

poker games and/or dart matches featured on these nights, with beer, soda and hot dogs for your refreshment.  If cards or darts don't interest

you, then come by anyway and just enjoy the company of your fellow Knights.  For those members who choose to stay after the meeting there

is a $10.00 charge for refreshments.


Daze and Knights

        The Richie Santiago benefit is still being talked about. The night was a financial success and was well attended by all age groups because

of the way that Richie touched the lives of so many.  The affair was attended by over 200 people, which is also a tribute to Dennis Farley's

determination to spread the word to anyone who knew Richie. It was a job well done by the many members who pitched in their time and

effort to ensure it's success. ....We received some correspondence from Ryan Malloy informing us that he's recently moved from Denver to

Aspen. He also relates that he volunteered his services for the week of the Pope's visit.....A couple of current Squires, Chuck and Chris

Slattery, have been getting press for their starring roles on a successful Dobbs Ferry H.S. team.....Since eight members started a weight-loss

wager on January 2nd, beer sales are virtually non-existent and nary a hot dog has been cooked.....Looks like both Rich Bowman and

John White have been given a crash course in the joys of new home ownership this winter.....We hear that Bobby Bunten still leaves a trail

of bodies in his wake out on the basketball court.....We hear Rich Condon watched the AFC/NFC Championship games from a poolside

chair in Puerto Rico.....Chris Collins shows up in a suit for his first ever meeting and ends up on committees.....Best wishes to Brian Curley

on his upcoming wedding.....Good to hear from Tom Dunphy.....We spotted John Finn in an old Squire t-shirt the other day - but we heard

Ken still won't put him in.....Ed Carey's son carved his way into the Concordia College record books a while ago by grabbing a school record

25 rebounds.....We hear there's a new puppy over at the Joe Miller household.....Bill "Magoo" McLaughlin has phoned home - and it's good to

have him back.....Congrats to Ed Flanagan on receiving a K of C recruitment pin for bringing in 5 new members.....Billy Burns stopped by at

Christmas to say hello and was also kind enough to contribute some supplies to the Council.....PGK Ed Crean can light up that cigar and

relax a little more often since his recent retirement - enjoy it Ed.....Mike Flanagan seems to be recovering well from his recent shoulder surgery.....

Is Brendan Kelly really running the snowmobile concession over at Van Cortlandt golf couse this spring ?.....We hear that Our Lady of Mercy

parish is having a reunion on May 7th at Mt. St. Michael H.S.