The Unit

                                                  March,  1993                         




            In an effort to both raise capital and increase member participation,  the council  is

re-instituting the Executive Club.  Only 100 tickets will be sold at $50.00 each.  Prizes will

be distributed as follows:        1st prize  -   $1,000

                                              2nd prize -   $   750       

                                3rd thru 5th prize -    $   250

                               6th thru 15th prize -  free entry into the next drawing.

Contact chairman Ed Crean on the hotline (914) 237 - 2747 for further information. Help your council and quite

possibly fatten your own wallet at the same time.  The tickets are already on sale, and the drawing will be held on

June 17, 1993 at the Fraternal Night held at our office on McLean Ave.


Yonkers Raceway Night


            On Saturday evening, March 20th, a group of members, their families and friends attended the annual

Night at Yonkers Raceway.  The evening, which was enjoyed by almost 70 people, featured a Prime Rib Dinner,

and a race named in honor of  W.J. Boyd Council.  The night was a huge social success, but if the moaning and

grumbling were any indication, not too many members of our group achieved any of the financial gain they undoubtedly

envisioned. Many thanks to Dennis Farley, who once again provided the attendees with a great evening of entertainment

that came off without a hitch.


Upcoming Degrees


1st Degree  -  April 29th  -  at Aquinas Council

3rd Degree  -  April 16th -  at St. Raymond's Council




            When you would like to know about upcoming events, give us a call at

(914) 237 - 2747.  We are trying to use our telephone answering machine as a kind of  bulletin board - a way to keep

you informed of any curent council news, as well as providing the general membership with a point of contact during off-hours.


Fraternal Nights


            On the first and third Thursdays of every month we have been hosting Fraternal Nights at our office at 1008 McLean Ave. 

There are poker games and/or dart matches featured on these nights, with beer, soda and hot dogs for your refreshment.  If cards

or darts don't interest you, then come by anyway and just enjoy the company of your fellow Knights.  There is a $5.00 charge for

refreshments and the fun begins at 7:30.



1993 Dues Reminder


            Financial Secretary Carmine Tabacco is enclosing a membership card for members who are paid up to date, or a second

dues notice and remittance envelope for those members who are still in arrears. The dues are as follows - $30.00 for regular members

and $9.00 for Honorary members.  In addition, he wishes to advise that termination notices for those members in arrears more than

one year will be going out shortly.

            Don't be a statistic - write out that check now !!


Attention hoop fans


            As of early December, we have purchased a new 27 inch television, a VCR, and have installed Cable TV service at our office. 

Any member wishing to view a Knick game at the council, contact the Hotline or John Honan at home - (212) 733 - 9701.  We  also

plan to get together for some future Pay-per-View events.


Still more to go !


            In an effort to rid itself of storage fees, the council is still selling many different articles from our Grand Concourse location. 

Make an offer, grab a bargain, own a piece of Boyd history !  Contact the Hotline.       

            Some of the items and their suggested prices are as follows:

-  NCR chrome cash register - $100   ,    speakers  -  $15.00 each

-  two metal desks ( 4' 6" ) -  $25 each,   two manual typewriters - $10 each

-  electric adding machine  -  $10 

-  profressional bingo equipment  -  $ cheap,  make an offer.

   Prices are suggested  -  any reasonable offer will be entertained.



Charity Ball Chancebooks


            Chairman Ed Flanagan asks that you open up your hearts and wallets and buy some chances in support of many local area

charities. The drawing will take place at the annual Charity Ball, to be held at Maestro's in the Bronx on May 28th. Please contact Ed

on the Hotline if you are interested in attending this affair