The Unit

                                                  December,  1993                                           


Children's Christmas Party

            A Christmas party will be held for the children of Boyd Council members on Sunday,

December 12th, at 2:00 PM. The festivities will take place in the gymnasium below St. Peter and Paul church,

on Birch St. and Columbus Ave. in the Fleetwood section of Mt. Vernon. The party will feature refreshments

such as candy, soda and hot dogs, as well as a clown and a visit from Santa at the end of the day. Anyone

interested in attending should bring a gift for each child who will be accompanying them. Please wrap each

gift and label with the child's name.


K of C Free Throw Tournament

            Bob Ellis will be running a Knight's of Columbus free throw tournament on Sunday, January 9th, 1994

from 2:00 PM until 6:00 PM.  The competition will take place in the St. Barnabas elementary school gym, located

on McLean Ave. almost directly across from our office. The contest is will be broken into both boys and girls divisions,

and 5 brackets: childen of the ages of 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 ( entrant's age as of 1/1/93 ). The winners of each age

group will progress to the District level competition and possibly to regional and state levels.

            Applications are available from either Bob Ellis or Jim Maher the first three Saturdays of  December ( 12/4, 12/11, 12/18 )

at the St. Barnabas gym between 8:30 and 10:00 AM. You may also call the the Council hotline during that time frame.


Las Vegas Night

            A Las Vegas night was held at the Bajart American Legion Post in Yonkers on Saturday, September 11th. The event

was the most successful one in years due to the efforts of chairmen Ed Carey and Bill Nage, along with a battery of volunteers

from the council. The night featured blackjack, poker, wheels and a high-hand poker game, along with light refreshments. Look

for another one sometime in early 1994.


Keep On Hopin' Open

            Our annual golf outing was held  Friday, September 24th, at Van Cortlandt Golf Course.  A group of about 70 people

took part in the outing, which concluded with a dinner and an awards presentation at the River's Edge Cafe on McLean Ave. 

Chairman Rich Bowman came away with a closest to the pin award, while the Steve Magee Award, given annually to recognize

a member for his contributions for the good of the order of Boyd Council., was given to Rich Condon. Rich Bowman would like

to thank all those who donated their time to making the outing a success, especially Gary Henshaw, Brendan Kelly, Carmine

Tabacco and Dennis Farley.


Jai Alai

          Boyd's first ever Jai-alai trip was held on Sunday, October 24th, as a luxury bus (featuring 14 T.V. sets) took 38 hopeful

passengers from McLean Ave. up to Milford, Connecticut. Rich Condon co-ordinated the enjoyable day, which featured a full

course dinner, the fast-paced action of  Jai Alai, and quite a few big quinella, exacta and triple winners too.


Dart League Update

            Bill Reilly reports that with 2 weeks to go in the N.Y.C. Chapter Dart League regular season, the Boyd dart team is situated

in the hunt for a playoff berth. The squad consists of  team captain Bill Reilly, co-captain Carmine Tabacco, John Foran, Rich Condon,

Mike Gilmore, Ed Crean, Dennis Farley and Jim Maher. This is the league's first year of existence, and the general conception is that it

has been a huge success, providing a way for members of different councils to meet and socialize. 


 1994 Dues Notices

            Financial Secretary Carmine Tabacco wishes to advise the membership to please remit their 1994 dues - $30.00 for

regular members and $9.00 for Honorary members.  Please use the enclosed envelope ( we are using 1993 envelopes again for

1994 ). For all those in arrears, he has included a Dues Bill specifying the amount due.  In addition, he wishes to advise that

termination notices for those members in arrears more than one year have already been sent out.           

Don't be a statistic - write out that check now !!



            When you would like to know about upcoming events, give us a call at (914) 237 - 2747. 


Welcome to Boyd Council

            The officers of the council would like to extend a warm welcome to the latest group of accepted applicants: Bob Bunten,

Rob Nugent, Dave Ryan, Pat Ryan, Frank Morganthaler, Jim Falconi, Mickey Brady, and Raymond Mitchell. We also would like

to welcome back the recently re-instated Chuck Slattery and Mike Gilmore.


In Prayerful Remembrance of the Faithful Departed


Richard Santiago

James Kane, Sr.


Benefit for a Friend in Need

            The benefit in honor of departed brother Richard Santiago held in Guiding Star Council on the evening of Nov. 5th was a

resounding success - both financially and emotionally.  The highlight of the evening was an announcement from the N.Y. Chapter

that the softball championship trophy awarded annually will be permanently named "The Richie Santiago Award". This high honor

accorded the memory of Richie is an indication of the impact he had on everyone he touched. He will never, ever be forgotten.


Meeting &  Fraternal Nights

         In response to the requests from many members with a limited amount of leisure time at their disposal, we have decided to move

the Council membership meetings to third Thursday of every month.  The Council officers meetings will be held on the first Thursday of

every month. The meetings will start at 7:30 promptly and will be followed by  Fraternal Nights at our office at 1008 McLean Ave. 

There are poker games and/or dart matches featured on these nights, with beer, soda and hot dogs for your refreshment.  If cards or

darts don't interest you, then come by anyway and just enjoy the company of your fellow Knights.  For those members who choose to

stay after the meeting there is a $10.00 charge for refreshments.


Card Nights

            Please call the hotline if you are interested in joining a group of members interested in playing cards on Friday night on a steady basis.


Daze & Knights

            Our last mailing yielded some responses from some beloved members of Boyd's days gone by. Dave Connelly, Sr., PGK wrote

to us about the improvement in his quality of life down  in Florida, seems he's a Port-St. Lucie Mets season ticket holder. It's got to be better

than the circus over at Shea.....Dave Connelly, Jr. wrote to us with a virtual travelogue in attempting to chronicle all his moves since leaving

N.Y. , currently residing in Dublin, Ohio. Do people from there drink Guinness stout and speak with a brogue ?.....We also hear Dave's friend

Brian wants to know when the next bowling trip is taking place.....Another blast from the past, Joe Martin has been heard from - is that

"BYPASS-3" van still in commission ?.....We hear a past DGK spent some time meditating in his car after the benefit the other night.....Was

that Jim "Buster" Halsey we heard recently yelling for the attention of the "barboy"?.....Boyd softball said goodbye to mainstays, Bobby Ellis

and John Foran at the end of 1993 season - they'll be hard to replace.....Some more observations at the benefit last month: Ed Carey selling

of 50/50's met with mixed reviews. He sold his usual large amounts of tickets, but several members are still complaining of sore backs and

shoulders.....Ed Backes ran short of dance partners as he outlasted all the women, young and old.....Is Wappingers Falls that big, that two

of it's residents ( how many more are there? ) only see each other in the Bronx ?.....Gary "Gunner" Henshaw looking especially dapper that

evening.....Big raffle winners for the evening were Mary Nage and Bob Thompson's daughter - maybe Mary will invest some of her winnings in

a stamp and mail us the names and addresses of the Columbiettes......Congratulations to Doug Thompson on his engagement.....Best of luck to

Artie Eilert on his marriage and move down to Florida.....Just a note of thanks to the members of our House Committee for some of their recent

contributions - to Mike Crean for setting up a regulation dart area, Bobby "Buttons" Bunten for installing new carpet in the office, Mike Gilmore

for installing new ceiling tiles in the office, and to Billy Reilly for his ongoing efforts to keep our refrigerator stocked and profitable.....Rumor has

it that Boyd is starting a Jai Alai league - as soon as Mike Crean finishes building the fronton.....Based on the number of holes in the walls behind

the dart board, accuracy must not be an important factor in the game.....We hear Brian Curley, Steve Carlson and John Mallon have provided

the dart team with an "invisible" boost - both John and Brian are undefeated......Congrats to John Enright, whose daughter was chosen to greet

the Pope during his stay in Denver.....Did the 10 turkey dinners that Nick Jordan won the other night last as far as the Throggs Neck Bridge?......