The Unit

                                                     February, 1996          

Yonkers Raceway Night

                Our annual evening at Yonkers Raceway will be held on Saturday, May 4th. The cost will be $32.00, which includes admission,

dinner and two drinks. Our expanded membership has made the possibilty of being shut out a reality, so if you are free and wish to join us,

call the hotline today.


30/20/10 Drawing - May 4th

                This raffle is an exciting way to help your council meet expenses, while offering an opportunity to fatten your own wallet.  The tickets

are $25.00 each and the prizes are awarded as follows:

                First Prize                               - 30% of ticket proceeds

                Second Prize                         - 20%

                Third Prize                             - 10%

                Fourth - Eighth Prize            - free entry in the next drawing

One ticket is enclosed, more are available on request.  The winners will be drawn at our Yonkers Raceway Night.


March Madness - NCAA Box Pool

                The total cost of entry is $50.00, and each participant is entered into three separate box pools, one each for the two semi-final games

(Final Four Round) , as well as for the NCAA Championship game itself.  The prizes will be awarded as follows:

                                Semi-Final Game 1                Semi-Final Game 2                                Championship Game

HalfTime                $250.00                                   $250.00                                                   $750.00

Final Score            $750.00                                   $750.00                                                   $1250.00

                The balance of the prize money goes to the support of our council.

  Please respond quickly if you are interested in joining this pool and keep in mind that your money must be in before the tournament reaches the

Final Four Round, when the first two pools will be underway.  It’s a great way to support your council, win some money and add some interest to the

games at hand.


Welcome to New Members

                Boyd Council is really coming to life with the addition of a new wave of First Degree members:

Tim Butler, Con Coakley, Jim Coombs, Joe DaCorta, Anthony Loscalza, Ed Nallen, Tom Nolan, Jim O’Connor, Anthony Pesca, Eymard Smith and

Robert Treacy.  Welcome aboard guys! Also, congrats to Mike Brennan, Dan Crane and Derek Tabacco for completing their Third Degree.


Ken Mc Laughlin 50th Anniversary Party Update

                Mark Friday night, June 21st on your calendar now.  The party will be held at Fordham University and all past Squires, Knights and Ken’s

many friends are invited to join us on this special night honoring Ken for his 50 years as Chief Counselor of the Fr. Duffy Squire program.

                More details will be available next month, but please spread the word to all interested parties since there is no compilation of addresses of

50 years of past Squires and Knights available.  Should you wish to serve on the committee or need more info, please contact Chairman Bill McLaughlin

at (home) 914-793-1502, (beeper) 914-587-0116 or (council) 914-237-2747.


St. Patrick’s Day at Boyd Council

                The council will be open for business on Saturday, March 16th at 5:00 PM.  For those members who yearn for more Gaelic entertainment after

the parade has come to an end, stop by the council - the corned beef and Blarney are on us.


Poker Nite

                Mark your calendar-- Fridays, March 1st and April 19th as our official “Poker Knights”.  Admission of $10.00 includes soda, beer and food

throughout the evening.


K of C Softball

                Could Spring be in the air already?  Boyd’s first practice is only two months away.  Any member interested should contact Manager John Honan

by leaving a message at (914) 237 -2747.


Room for Rent

                Our beautiful new room (25’x36’) is now available to rent for special accasions, such as birthdays, christenings, showers or meetings.  Anyone

interested please contact Rich Condon at (718) 549-5647.


Faithfully Departed

                Philomena Flanagan on February 2nd, wife of our Chancellor, Ed Flanagan


                                                                                Super Bowl Sunday Recap

Super Bowl Festivities

                More than one hundred people, consisting of members, their families and guests filled our council on Super Bowl Sunday for food, refreshments

and a championship game that lived up to it’s name.  A great time was had by all, especially the folks listed below who were able to profit from the experience.


The Real Super Bowl Winners

                Getting less fanfare than the Dallas Cowboys, but winners nevertheless in Boyd’s many pools were:


                                                                                Box Pool Winners ( listed by quarter)

                N F C Championship                           A F C Championship                                           Super Bowl

1st          Jim Kane                $150                        Carmine Tabacco                 $150                        Jim Smyth              $200

2nd         Tom Panso            $300                        Dottie Lowe                          $300                        Frank Scanlon       $400

3rd          Tom Panso            $150                        Five Amigos                         $150                        L.T. Murdolo        $200

4th          Bob Arciero          $600                        Dottie Lowe                          $600                        Nick Fadden          $800


                30/20/10 Drawing

                Rich Condon                         $390

                Marty Kennedy                    $260

                Bill Burns                               $130

                Jim Reilly,  Joe Mongan, Gene Barrett, Tom Alberts and Gene Lyons - Free Ticket - next drawing


                Kids Super Bowl Pool

                David Kaminsky                   sweatshirt

                Chris Miller                           sweatshirt

                Michael Brennan                  tee shirt

                Samantha Coombs               tee shirt


                Color TV Raffle

                Carmine Tabacco


Free Throw Contest Results

                Our third annual Free Throw Shooting contest was held on January 27th, at the St. Barnabas Elementary School gym. The winners are listed below:

                                                Girls                                      Boys

10 year-old                            Kate Maher                           Kevin Quinn

11 year-old                            Kerianne Bunten                  Matt Saunders

12 year-old                            Pamela Coakley                    Ryan Fitzmaurice

13 year-old                            Melissa Lindsay                   John Keenan

14 year-old                            Tara Doherty                        Kevin Supple


                The contest drew about seventy participants and was once again a well organized event put together by chairman Bob Ellis.  The contestants were

asked to bring canned goods to the gym that evening, and about one hundred cans were turned over to the St. Barnabas Soup Kitchen as a result.  Bob Ellis

would like to thank all the members who helped make the evening a success - Micky Brady, Bill Burns, Rich Condon, Jimmy Coombs, Dan Crane, Chris Farley,

Dennis Farley, John Finn and Jimmy Maher.


                Three of our council winners, Matt Saunders, Ryan Fitzmaurice and Kevin Supple were victorious in the next round, the Bronx, Manhattan and

Staten Island mini-regional shootout.  They will compete against the Westchester/Putnam winners at Shrub Oak on March 10th.  A victory there would take

them to the NY State Championship at West Point.  Stay hot fellas.


All  Star Dart Tournament

                The father/son team of Carmine & Derek Tabacco represented Boyd in the Chapter All-Star Tournament. With their combination of youth & experience, 

the Tabaccos fought their way into the championship round where they succumbed, in a close match, to the Pro Patria Council Team. Great job guys


Bowling Anyone?

                A few members have expressed interest in starting a bowling league in September, but more people would be needed.  Let Rich Condon know of your

interest soon, as a commitment must be made to lanes in April.


                                                                                                Council Info

Address:                957 McLean Ave. - 2nd Floor ( enter through glass doors of building with blue Allstate canopy )

                                Yonkers, NY 10704

Telephone:            ( 914 ) 237 - 2747

Council hours:      Friday nights                        8:00 PM - 12:00 PM

                                Sunday afternoons              1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

**  Please sign up as a volunteer for these fraternal nights to open, tend bar, and close up  **

Meetings/Fraternal Nights:

First Thusday of the month               - Officers Meeting                ( meeting open to council officers only )

Third Thursday of the month            - General Membership Meeting  ( open to all paid up members )

Fraternal Nights will follow the meetings on both nights            



Grand Knight:                       Rich Condon                         Treasurer:                              Carmine Tabacco

Deputy Grand Knight:         John Finn                              Financial Secretary:             Jim Maher



Calvary Hospital

                Calvary Hospital in the Bronx is a modern facility providing loving care to patients in the advanced stages of cancer.  With diminishing government

subsidies, Calvary relies heavily on the Knights of Columbus NY Chapter for financial assistance.  We ask each member to return the enclosed chancebook in

support of this charitable institution.


Squire News

                As is expected, the focus is still on the accomplishments of the Fr. Duffy basketball program.  The “Turkeys” (which include the “Acorns”) and the

Seniors have been putting in a busy schedule - in February alone the total number of games came to forty eight.  The records of both teams have been

impressive - the “Turkeys” are  42 -16 while the Seniors are  29 - 5.  Should these records be sustained, it would represent the best record since 1966.

                The March, 1996 basketball schedule is posted in the council chambers should any former Fr. Duffy hoopsters like to see how the game is played today!


Daze and Knights

                Thanks go to the Sons of the American Legion - Charles N. Bajart Post, Yonkers, NY for their Donation of an American Flag to our Council....Congrats to

Joe & Ann Marie Carey on the birth of Nicole Rose, their second daughter.....Carmine Tabacco is the first Wednesday Nite Dart Champ.....Tabacco family still gushing

over new TV Dad won after Super Bowl.....Who will be first to attend our monthly poker game,  Jim Jones or Gerry Conroy?.....Did Kerianne Bunten, Pam Coakley

and Kate Maher get their shooting eyes from their dads?.....Anybody seen Bill Nage?.....Gianni Di Paolo a welcome new face on Religious Committee .....Birthday

wishes to Aquarians Rich Condon, Irene Gilmore and Pamela Healy.....Thanks go out to Jeanie Higgins from the Squire Reunion Committee for the loan of her

Tolentine Alumni Directory.....Timmy Rehm finally showed up at the council to meet Micky Brady - he was only four months late.....John Finn a tireless worker

on Super Sunday.....Criminals Beware- John Mallon nearing end of NYPD Academy.....Nice to see Eddie Carey’s face at a recent card night.....John Lombardi back

on the East Coast and in attendance at the last Keep On Hopin’ Open.....Thought we would have seen  “Double O”  Owen O’Malley at one of the card nights by

now.....Jim Maher vehemently denying all allegations of a cheap shot delivered during an old St. James football game that was captured on film and shown on

Super Bowl Sunday at the council.  Claims he was out of town that weekend and that Bob Bunten borrowed his equipment that day.....Bobby Rehm certainly was

struttin’ his best stuff for that same video.....Likewise Norma “Squeaky Frome” Bowman.....Anybody see where Doug Thompson went ?.....Ditto for Jackie Thornton.

Thanks to Mike Gilmore for his one man effort to make the council floor presentable again.....