The Unit

The W.J.Boyd Knights of Columbus Council # 326 Newsletter                       October 2007

Officers:   Grand Knight:                    Christopher Farley                                                   116 Lake Ave. Suite 2A                

                 Deputy Grand Knight:       Robert Treacy                                                          Yonkers, N.Y. 10703

                 Financial Secretary:           Carmine Tabacco, P.G.K.                                        (914) 377-1492

                 Treasurer:                          Richard Condon, P.G.K.




A Message from the Grand Knight

            Messed up-deleted it.  Sorry.


Now Is The Time

            As the Grand Knight’s letter indicates, the beginning of Columbian Year is also the kickoff of the Council’s Annual $10,000 Raffle.  The facts are as follows: Only 200 tickets will be sold at $100 each.  The drawing will be held on December 15th at 8:00 PM at Boyd.  One winner will receive a Christmas windfall of $10,000, and two others will receive gift certificates to local dining establishments.  Many of our members understandably have difficulty finding the time to assist the Council in the myriad ways necessary to keep it functioning smoothly.  If you fall into this category, now is the time to be helpful from afar.  Buy a ticket for yourself.  Buy a birthday gift for a loved one.  Split a ticket with a friend.  Sell a ticket to a coworker.  In short, walk the walk.  As in the past the ticket czar is Ken McLaughlin.  He may be reached at (914) 377-4881 or at  Support your Council.


Prayers For the Faithful Departed


Wife of Jack Doyle

John T. Hayden

William F. Nagle

Ron Powers, father of Brian


Thanks for the Memories

            2605 Grand Concourse, the home of this Council for more than six decades, was razed earlier this month.  The land was purchased by then Grand Knight Wethered J. Boyd in 1923 and remained in continuous operation until its closing in 1985.  Many of our older members have vivid memories of the building as Knights, or Squires, or both.  So whether you shot baskets or pool there, played shuffleboard or poker there, took your First Degree or your Fourth Degree there, attended a Communion Breakfast or a dance there, or ushered a prospective member or a New Year there, always remember the Concourse.  Many lifelong relationships took root there, were nurtured there, and remain strong and vital today.  There is no greater legacy. 


Tick, Tick, Tick

            Spiritual Committee Co-Chairmen Derek Tabacco and Jerry Desmond wish to advise the membership that , while time is short, there is still time to sign up for the Council’s annual men’s retreat at the Passionist Retreat House in Riverdale.  It will be held Friday evening November 30th through Sunday morning December 2nd.  The cost of $175 covers single room occupancy for two nights as well as five meals throughout the weekend.  Call Jerry at (914) 479-7536 or Derek at (718) 796-8295.


Football Fever

            The Council remains open every Sunday at 1 PM for NFL fans.  Every team and game is available on our three televisions.  Stop by, support your favor team no matter where they compete, and more importantly, support your Council!


Web Info

            Jim Maher wishes to advise the membership of the Council’s new website address.  It is  This new site serves as an invaluable look into our past as well as a guide to future events.  It offers Council info 24-7.  Be sure to avail yourself of this opportunity.  Thank you Jim!


Greed is Good

            Normally this space would be reserved to enlighten you as to the many societal benefits derived from your purchase of the enclosed chance book.  Rather, simply turn it over and read the list of average people who have been enriched by doing so.  Return books to the Council and make checks payable to same.  Thank you.


Pay Up

            Financial Secretary Carmine Tabacco requests that the small minority of members who are in arrears for their 2007 dues remit them promptly in the enclosed envelope.  This will spare both him and the Council the extra time and effort needed to redundantly process paperwork.


Daze and Knights

            Joe and Jeannie Higgins still aglow after maiden voyage to Ireland…Congrats to Joe Mongan after winning massive television in Yonkers Raceway giveaway…Best wishes to retiree Sal Pagliaro after three decades with the Federal Park Police…Many thanks to Jack Cuggy and Mike Gilmore for their Oldtimers’ Day labors…Steve Carlson crowing over undefeated Dallas Cowboys…Vegas girding for early November arrival of Hurricane Carmine…Joe “Marv Albert” Carey announcing football games in Ridgewood…Welcome to Boyd’s three newest members:  Michael Howard, John Carway and Kevin McGeever.  Special thanks to Dan Hooker for his recruitment efforts...Kudos to entire Ellis family for herculean effort organizing recent 5K Woodlawn race in which cousin Julie Conroy copped the gold in her bracket…G. K. Chris Farley pondering joining Met Fans Anonymous…Get well wishes to Mike Serratore, on the mend following work mishap…Was that Marian Burns storming the stage at recent Blood, Sweat, and Tears Concert?...Nick Califano still recovering from running the “Urbathalon,” a grueling event featuring racing up 54 flights of stairs following a 6 mile run!...Congrats to new Yonkers homeowners Rob and Mairead Treacy…Railbirds Missy and Tim Butler spotted cashing winners at Monmouth…A tip of Wethered’s hat to the quintet of Maher, Desmond, Jones, Healy, and Reilly for their unsung determined efforts in refurbishing the Council bathroom…Bowmans’ new pup Guinness credited with sounding life saving alarm.  Debbie Maher greener than the Wicked Witch of the West…