The Unit

The W.J.Boyd Knights of Columbus Council # 326 Newsletter                       October 2007

Officers:   Grand Knight:                    Christopher Farley                                                   116 Lake Ave. Suite 2A                

                 Deputy Grand Knight:       Robert Treacy                                                          Yonkers, N.Y. 10703

                 Financial Secretary:           Carmine Tabacco, P.G.K.                                        (914) 377-1492

                 Treasurer:                          Richard Condon, P.G.K.




Membership Meeting:               Last Thursday of every month at 7:30 PM.


In Prayerful Remembrance of the Faithful Departed

Wife of Jack Doyle

John T. Hayden

William F. Nagle

Ron Powers, father of Brian


A Message from the Grand Knight

            One of my primary goals upon taking office as Grand Knight was to reach out to the membership and widen the circle of active members involved in formulating a vision for the future of our council.  Thus far, this initiative has been an unqualified failure.  To be sure, we continue to do the work necessary to keep W.J. Boyd moving in the right direction.  With the same core group engaging in virtually all decision making, however, the well of ideas has grown stagnant.  I am derelict in my duty if I do not point out what I believe to be a major challenge and offer concrete suggestions to address it.
            I have long believed that our greatest asset is our membership.  That being said, our greatest weakness has been our inability to tap this substantial resource.  This needs to be fixed.  I want to know you.  I want to know your family.  I want W.J. Boyd to derive the benefits of your talents and personality.  This is my mission.  During the time that remains in my term I will do everything in my power to reach its fulfillment.
            I want to hear from you.  If you have any questions, let me know.  If you have any suggestions, let me know.  If you have any ideas, let me know.  Call me at (914) 844-7432.  Write me at 72 Laurel Place, Yonkers, New York 10704.  Email me at  
            We do not need saving, but we surely need revitalizing.  I assure you that your increased role in our council will not be perceived as stepping on anybody's toes.  We need you.
                                                                                                                                    Christopher C. Farley

 P.S.  If you can afford it and have not yet done so, please purchase a raffle ticket.


10,000 Reasons

            As the enclosed flyer indicates only a few weeks remain in the Council’s Annual $10,000 Raffle Campaign.  The facts are as follows: Only 200 tickets will be sold at $100 each.  The drawing will be held on December 15th at Boyd.  One winner will receive a Christmas windfall of $10,000, and two others will receive gift certificates to local dining establishments.  The evening of the drawing will also serve as the W. J. Boyd Christmas Party.  Doors open at 7:30 and the drawing will be at 9 PM.  The purchase of a ticket entitles the owner to an evening of Christmas cheer free of charge.   Many of our members understandably have difficulty finding the time to assist the Council in the myriad ways necessary to keep it functioning smoothly.  If you fall into this category, now is the time to be helpful from afar.  Buy a ticket for yourself.  Buy a birthday gift for a loved one.  Split a ticket with a friend.  Sell a ticket to a coworker.  In short, walk the walk.  As in the past the ticket czar is Ken McLaughlin.  He may be reached at (914) 377-4881 or at  Support your Council!


Thanks for the Memories

            2605 Grand Concourse, the home of this Council for more than six decades, was razed earlier this month.  The land was purchased by then Grand Knight Wethered J. Boyd in 1923 and remained in continuous operation until its closing in 1985.  Many of our older members have vivid memories of the building as Knights, or Squires, or both.  So whether you shot baskets or pool there, played shuffleboard or poker there, took your First or Fourth Degree there, attended a Communion Breakfast or a dance there, or ushered in a prospective member or a New Year there, always remember the Concourse.  Many lifelong relationships took root there, were nurtured there, and remain strong and vital today.  There is no greater legacy. 


Tick, Tick, Tick

            Spiritual Committee Co-Chairmen Derek Tabacco and Jerry Desmond wish to advise the membership that, while time is short, there is still time to sign up for the Council’s annual men’s retreat at the Passionist Retreat House in Riverdale.  It will be held Friday evening November 30th through Sunday morning December 2nd.  The cost of $175 covers single room occupancy for two nights as well as five meals throughout the weekend.  Call Jerry at (914) 479-7536 or Derek at (718) 796-8295.


Palate Pleasers

            The last weekend of October saw the Council play host to its first ever wine tasting event.  Winemasters  Pam Healy and Bill Reilly adorned the Council with maps illustrating the origins of the six different wines on display.  The two dozen members of the audience were then given an educational oral presentation detailing the differences between each wine and with what meal it might be served.  An important footnote to the evening is that the profit derived was used to purchase a wheelchair for an ailing member of Boyd Council.  Well done Pam and Bill.  We look forward to the sequel!


For Your Information

            More than one senior member has inquired as to how Honorary and Honorary Life Status are attained.  According the 2006 Charter Constitution Laws, members who have attained the actual age of 65 years and who have been members of the Order for 25 consecutive years, shall be designated as Honorary Members and pay $10 per year.  Members who have attained the actual age of 70 years and have 25 years of consecutive service shall be designated as Honorary Life Members and they shall be exempt from further payment of dues.  Thanks to Financial Secretary Carmine Tabacco for clarifying this issue, and for staying on top of the ever changing demographics of our membership.


Daze and Knights

            Congrats to DGK Rob Treacy and wife Mairead on October arrival of bouncing baby Catherine…Kudos to Rich Bellotti, Boyd’s number one raffle ticket salesman to date…Carlson brothers back from maiden trip to Notre Dame home football game.  Steve expected out of rehab shortly…Deadeye Jim Maher being touted as MVP of Westchester dart league…Good to hear from PGK Ed Crean, flourishing in North Carolina retirement…Bob Ellis prepping for annual free throw shooting contest in January.  Stay tuned…Good luck to new home owner Harris Redzepagic…Gerry “Field of Dreams” Conroy back from masterful pitching performance in Senior League World Series in Arizona…Jim and Pat Jones proud as punch after daughter Jamie successfully completes arduous exam to become certified genetic counselor…Call Ken McLaughlin at (914)377-4881 to purchase a raffle ticket right now…Get well wishes to the sister of Eugene Leonard, recovering from a stroke…Who exactly were those two mysterious women Bill Reilly met one recent AM on Vegas elevator?...Welcome to Boyd’s newest member Matthew E. Schmidt…Carmine and Dianna Tabacco gearing up for once in a lifetime Japan-Korea-China getaway…Was that our own Kieran Byrne wearing a cheesehead at Lambeau Field?...Keith Bresciani still aglow after Hawaii-Vegas vacation…Rich Condon tearing up Dobbs Ferry platform tennis league…Nick “The Deer Hunter” Califano back from successful upstate trip…Bob Rehm working feverishly on Hillary campaign…