Ken Mc Laughlin 50th Anniversary Party Update


                On  Friday  June 21st, at 7:30 PM, in the McGinley Center in Fordham University, Boyd Council will be sponsoring a party to recognize Ken

McLaughlin for his fifty years as the Chief Counsellor of the Fr. Duffy Squire program.  All are welcome to join us in honoring Ken that evening, including

all Squires and Knights, past and current, as well as their spouses, girlfriends and children.

                The contribution for the evening will be $50.00 for adults, and $20.00 for anyone eighteen years of age and under, with all profits going to the

Squire program.  The evening will include beer, wine, soda and a buffet.  Tickets have been printed and will be mailed to you upon receipt of your

check made payable to Boyd Council.  You may also stop by Boyd Council and purchase your tickets in person.  The council is located at

957 McLean Ave above the Allstate office and is open on Friday evenings at 8:00 PM, as well as Sunday afternoons at 2:00 PM.  Tickets should

be purchased in advance so the planning committee has an accurate head count in order to properly cater the affair, while minimizing the amount of

work at the door that evening.

                Please spread the word to any ex-Squires you are in contact with, as the compilation of addresses of 50 years of past Squires and Knights

has been a difficult task.  Should you need more info, please contact Chairman Bill Mc Laughlin at (home) 914-793-1502, (beeper) 914-587-0116 or

(council) 914-237-2747.

                While Ken’s contributions to the Squire program are obvious to all former Squires, they may not be as apparent to some of the current members

of Boyd Council.  Ken has been the primary handler of all transportation, game scheduling and coaching during the last fifty years.  That alone should

be impressive enough to anyone involved with a children’s recreational league, but the fact that the program has been funded almost entirely out of

Ken’s pocket is probably unfathomable.  Ken’s contributions to Boyd Council include a two-year term as Grand Knight during the 1950’s, and his current

position on the Board of Trustees.  Doubtless, Ken’s biggest contribution to Boyd Council has been the introduction of young Catholic men to the Knights

of Columbus.  The current membership of Boyd Council has over one hundred members who are either former Squires themselves or have sons that

are former Squires and it is hard to imagine the Council in existence today without our successful Squire program.

                Enclosed in this envelope will be all the pertinent information about the party, as well as a journal subscription form.  We would love see everyone

at this event (early returns indicate there are folks making the pilgrimage from places like Florida, Colorado, and Ohio), but if you can’t make it and would

like to get a message out to Ken, the journal offers you that opportunity.  These ads are a great way to wish Ken continued success with the Squire program. 

If you are new to Boyd Council and haven’t met Ken, a booster would let him know that his contributions to our council have not gone unnoticed.  We need

to receive all journal ads by June 1st.


                                                                                                Looking forward to seeing you on June 21st,

                                                                                                                Squire Reunion Committee


Squire News

Reporter - K. McLaughlin


                In the days of yore, in the cozy confines of 2605 Grand Concourse, the Fr. Duffy Squires basketball teams invariably played a schedule which

saw the “TURKEY” (nee SHEBOYGANS and ASHCANS) team and the senior teams play over 100 games a season.  Little thought was ever given to

playing a like schedule in the absence of a “home” gym.

                Believe it or not, the basketball warriors representing the Fr. Duffy Squires during the just concluded 1995-1996 season competed in well over 100

games -- with the senior team sporting a record of 66 wins and 14 losses (winning championships in the Yonkers Federation, Youth Basketball Athletic

and Coya Leagues) -- while the “TURKEY” group won 47 and lost 35 games!

                For the first time, with the encouragement of PGK Chris McGuinness, the Fr. Duffy basketball program fielded a team of mighty “ACORNS” (7th and

8th graders) who, in many instances, combined forces with the regular “TURKEY” group to take part in some very stiff competition.  Special tribute is

certainly due to Squires, John Brembs, Pat Connors, Chris Coote, Ryan Fitzmaurice (he of the K of C Free Throw shooting competition), Brian Harrington,

Mike Murphy, Sean O’Keefe and Colin Quinn for their contributions to this facet of Fr. Duffy Squire basketball.

* ** * *

                And the beat goes on!  The Squires are now in the throes of preparing for Spring and Summer basketball competition (How are we going to fit in

the softball ?).  Well over 75 candidates have put in an appearance at Fordham University’s Lombardi Center seeking roster spots for the Fr. Duffy Squire

Summer teams.

* * * * *

            Nomination and election of Squire officers will take place at the June Squire business meeting to be held at the council clubhouse.  It is not known

who of the present Squire officers (Chief Squire Matthew Simpson, Deputy Chief Squire Guillermo Quinones, Bursar Thomas Keane and Notary Philip Miranda)

will seek re-election.